Thursday, 28 May 2015

May 2015 // Days 141 - 147

May 21st. Day 141.
So I won a giveaway for these awesome inspirational books on Claire's lovely blog on the 12th. I had completely forgotten all about them until the arrived at my door this morning! I've actually just started reading a new book but after I've finished it'll I'll be starting on 'The Happiness Project'.

May 22nd. Day 142.
A trip to Newcastle shopping with Mam, though are main reason was to see Disney's latest release! You can check out my Tomorrowland movie review over on the other blog ;)

May 23rd. Day 143.
A day of getting things done, I finally took photos of all the stuff I have to sell and am thinking of perhaps putting it in a blog sale..?

May 24th. Day 144.
It seems this whole week is actually a productive one. I printed more cards, photographed them and got my Etsy store set up! I'd love it if you could check it out. Click here!

May 25th. Day 145.
Our first BBQ in our new house (despite being here since 8/9 months). Slightly redneck, but it worked haha. Overall a nice bank holiday spent with Mam, Dad, Jake and Baker!

May 26th. Day 146.
Jake tried his new waders out today. How lucky are we that this spot is literally less than a 4/5 minute walk from our front door?!

May 27th. Day 147.
You'd never have thought that the rest of the day would be overcast and rainy with the bright sunshine that guided me on my walk to work.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

May 2015 // Days 134 - 140

May 14th. Day 134.
We haven't had a photo of Baker recently, so here, have one of him hugging his Timon from Disneyland!

May 15th. Day 135.
We took a trip to the beach today for Baker to have a swim and there were lots of lovely Sand Martins swooping all over!

 May 16th. Day 136.
While on my walk home from work I was on intense otter watch! Systems were on high alert when I spotted something diving and playing in the water and I ran back and down to the other bridge to get a closer look. Then this little face popped up when I said hello!! Not an otter but a young seal :)

May 17th. Day 137.
Last week I showed you my new printer. Now heres a tiny peek of just some things that will be available to buy soon...

May 18th. Day 138.
Yep, you are seeing that right, it has loaded properly. For the first day in 138 days I did not take 1 photo. What with being ill and not being at home, nor having my turns out that I completely forgot and yes, I am gutted! I will not fail again!!!

May 19th. Day 139.
On day 3 of a migraine and feeling like poo, my glasses, juice and liquid paracetamol (a very last resort!) were my best friends.

May 20th. Day 140
The day I've been waiting for finally arrived. My much needed new camera and first upgrade in over 5 years is here!!!!
Most photos from now on will be taken on the camera pictured but I will let you know otherwise.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

May 2015 // Days 127 - 133

May 7th. Day 127.
I decided that while I watched Downton Abbey that I'd keep my hands busy and use some of my embroidery threads to make some friendship bracelets! I thought that I'd kill two birds with one stone and photograph the process so that I could put together a 'How To:' post on my other blog!

May 8th. Day 128. 
On our way home from a dog walk I spotted this male Blackbird collecting some breakfast, it was too cute not to include as today's photo - even if the quality isn't the best!

May 9th. Day 129.
Say hello to my little (big) friend! I have invested in a new large format HQ photo printer and have a new venture on the this space.

May 10th. Day 130.
Banana Milkshake for the win.

May 11th. Day 131.
Baker and I met Dad from work today to go up and finish of the painting, so on the way we went to play at the beach. It was deserted but with good right - the wind was so strong it created a giant sandstorm!!

May 12th. Day 132.
A day I'd planned on being lazy and resting due to my aches and pains ended up being anything but! After work I had a seat for about an hour before popping along to a lady's house to pick up these beauts for my collection!! She was just giving them away while she cleared out so I was very happy to add the 7 on the right to my collection, now totaling 27. The ones on the left are doubles of what I already have (plus the on I cropped out on the far right as I took this before I double checked my existing vhs) but I plan to sell those on ebay :) After that I didn't sit down all day apart from 20 minutes for my lunch! Productive days make me happy...but achy joints don't! :P

May 13th. Day 133.
I saw the otter again yesterday (click here for first sighting) but evidently I didn't have my camera with me on my way home from work. I was pretty gutted and so now I am taking my camera to work with me every morning in the hope I'll see him again and be able to get a better shot of him, seeing as he was a lot closer in this time. I didn't want to waste my little trip so after a little wander around the bridge where he's been seen, I had a walk along the riverside walk which is literally not even a 2 minute walk from my house. This little archway is new though, so thought that could substitute for an otter...not the most ideal haha.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

April - May 2015 // Days 120 - 126

Apr 30th. Day 120.
Today was the day I met these precious guys. It was a very, very special time for me and I took sooo many photos. You can see more by clicking here.

 May 1st. Day 121.
When closing the curtains on my way to bed each night, this is my view to the right...a fake Heron.

May 2nd. Day 122.
Coincidentally, this morning after work and walking my parents to the train station I got to photograph some real Herons on the river bank.

 May 3rd. Day 123. 
My Sunflowers poked through the soil over night!

May 4th. Day 124.
Mam and Dad returned from their bank holiday weekend break in Edinburgh and even brought me some gifts. So kind of my Mam to think to bring the toiletries from their hotel as they were cruelty free!

May 5th. Day 125.
The sun isn't even in bed by the time I am!

May 6th. Day 126.
DIY time for the parents kitchen...