Thursday, 2 April 2015

March/April 2015 // Days 85 - 91

Mar 26th. Day 85.
9.30pm was once spent having dinner and sitting on the laptop, now instead it is bedtime. Every night. I get up at 6am for a 20-30mins past start at work so the earlier I can get to sleep the better.

Mar 27th. Day 86.
One of the best things about starting work so early is this view. I only have a 10-15min walk across the bridge to get to work and this was the stunning sky this morning. It turned out that the 'red sky at night' rhyme my Granda used to tell me was true by the way...

Mar 28th. Day 87.
Today was literally ones of the best days of my life, ticking something off my bucket list and experiencing something I wish I had been born into.
My Mams lovely friend has a farm and with it having just been lambing season she allowed Mam and I to come see the little beauts. Little did we know we'd bump into her and her daughter while we walked there and end up getting a lift on the quad bike through the fields, feeding the sheep and lambs.
I took photos, stroked lambs and even had them suck my finger! It was an amazing day.

Mar 29th. Day 88.
Edinburgh is fast becoming a second home, bypassing Newcastle that literally used to be my home. Today Mam and I took the train up to go see Cinderella!! Before hand I had to show her the wonder that is the National Museum of Scotland that Claire and I explored two weeks ago. Just look how tiny Mam looks next to that amazing Albatross!

Mar 30th. Day 89.
A day catching up on blog stuff (as I've slacked a lot lately) and taking photos of my Easter decor for this post!

Mar 31st. Day 90.
I couldn't not take a photo of this monkey chasing the sun around the house today. How beautiful is he? I swear he must of been royalty or something in a past life as he is so poised and regal in the way he holds himself sometimes. 

Apr 1st. Day 91.
Nope, I haven't had a mysterious child that you don't know about it, nor have I gone back to school. These are my Mams beautiful decorated eggs for a little light hearted competition they are having at her work - I hope the effort is recognized. Aren't they so sweet?!


  1. Those lambs are absolutely adorable Danielle and I love that sky on your morning walk! Also, that photo of Baker is lovely, the lighting in it is gorgeous. These posts always lift my spirits and put a smile on my face. - Tasha

  2. Wonderful photos again my dear :) Hope your mum won a prize for those eggs, what a creative pair you are :) x


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