Thursday, 16 April 2015

April 2015 // Days 99 - 105

 Apr 9th. Day 99.
It got to bedtime, after having washed my face, brushed my teeth and sat down with my book until I realized I hadn't taken a photo yet today! That is very rare.
I raced back downstairs and grabbed my camera thinking hard what to photograph, obviously settling on my little lucky elephants with the Buddhas behind. It's not totally random though as I've been getting back into my mediation and yoga - especially before bedtime and these gave off this vibe without having to photography myself in silly poses haha.

 Apr 10th. Day 100.
Day 100!!! Almost a 3rd of the way done, scary! The only reason I dislike having fresh flowers is that I get sad when they die :(

 Apr 11th. Day 101.
Watching the Grand National as a family and crying my eyes out all the way through, screaming every time there was a fall. Glad to have another year with no deaths, though I am well aware that horses die everyday due to human usage as entertainment. :/

 Apr 12th. Day 102.
Drip, drip, drop little April shower!

Apr 13th. Day 103. 
Fresh sheets.

 Apr 14th. Day 104.
After work this morning I picked up Baker and got the bus up to my parents to await my replacement laptop being delivered. We watched Game of Thrones, caught up with Tales from Northumberland and ate some yummy cake (well I did, sorry Baker) but I didn't think anything was significant to photograph. We had a hunt in the garden but with no birds around I decided on snapping some shots of this bush that has been in my parents garden as long as I can remember - it's starting to bloom!

Apr 15th. Day 105.
A sunny day during the week calls for a beach trip as there are less chances of it being full of other dogs. We got a good little run around in, with a bit of a swim too before we had to leave when all the holiday maker dog walkers arrived.
We had a brilliant time though and the walk home was fun photographing little signs of Spring for another blog post.


  1. I love all of these! Your lucky elephants are so cool - I bought my first one last year in Bath on my graduation day and like you I've been getting back inot yoga and meditation so I have my little elephant on my desk now to remind me to stay calm and positive! Lovely shot of Baker too and I can never watch the Grand National now, I get upset when there are any falls so I don't watch anymore. Lovely, brilliant photography as always Danielle and I love your new layout! - Tasha

  2. Look at Baker looking at the lighthouse, seriously lovely photo :) The others are fab too of course but I do love a beach scene - probably because I don't get to the seaside these days! xox


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