Thursday, 9 April 2015

April 2015 // Days 92 - 98

Apr 2nd. Day 92.
A walk across the bridge to town with Jake to pop into the shops. On the way home there were many canoes and flying swans to photograph.

Apr 3rd. Day 93. 
Early Easter gift opening fun! And for being such a good boy posing for photos, one of his new Hedgehog treats.

Apr 4th. Day 94.
I didn't get enough photos of lambs from my trip to the farm as I was too busy stroking them and watching them. So today Mam and I took Baker to Ord for a play at the park with his new Frizbee! On the way back we took a different route so that I could take some more photos of these little guys in the field.

Apr 5th. Day 95.
A sunny day with nothing to do called for a visit to Granny and Grandads house!

Apr 6th. Day 96.
Last time we saw the geese there were only two, and those two had been here a while over the winter. Today on our walk home from town with Baker we counted five!

Apr 7th. Day 97.
I've had a productive day, getting in from work at 8am, getting lots of chores done and the Easter decor down. After a midday walk with little man it was time for a rather eclectic lunch, but yummy none the less. Accompanied by this beautiful sunshine we've been having beaming through the blinds!

Apr 8th. Day 98.
YES!!! Success! After goodness knows how many weeks of having a bird feeder in the front garden, the birds have finally gotten the confidence to come by each day. We had an unfortunate incident a little while ago where Baker went after the neighbours cat after it came into our garden, so I'm hoping that its scared the cats off and that it makes the birds less frightened!


  1. Another lovely set of photos as always Danielle, but that lamb is just adorable, what a sweet face! I also love the one of Baker, watching him open his Easter treats was so sweet. Love these! - Tasha

  2. Wonderful photographs :) So happy that the birds are having confidence to come by now. We ALWAYS have birds in our garden, I saw a beautiful wag tail earlier, trying to take photos, but I'm either too far, too slow, or my dogs scare them away. Photography takes some patience! haha

  3. What a wonderful week you had with the camera :) Impossible to choose my favourite out of the first 3! X


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