Thursday, 30 April 2015

April 2015 // Day 113 - 119

April 23rd. Day 113.
Thursdays are always my worst day at taking photos. Seeing as they are starting day for my week and I want to make it an awesome photo, the world obviously doesn't work that way. Here, have a sunset.

Apr 24th. Day 114.
The pigeons were having a lot of fun flying from arch to arch of the bridge all together, it was so cool to watch.

Apr 25th. Day 115.
I recently placed a couple of orders with Hobby Craft and then spent a little time today photographing everything to show in a haul post on my other blog

Apr 26th. Day 116.
I woke up and went to work at 6.15 as the sun was rising. I walked home at 8.45 in the sunshine. Later Mam and I took Baker for a walk where we had a little flurry of hail stones before getting home just as the sun came out and dried up all the rain. Then it snowed. In April.

Apr 27th. Day 117.
That's my little Pansys out into the big wide world now.

Apr 28th. Day 118.
While dying something black, I decided to throw my old Vans in too to try and re-vamp them. Unfortunatly the little tiny spots that were worn ended up ripping and now I need to come up with an idea of how to patch them! 

Apr 29th. Day 119.
I walk up and down these steps at least twice everyday of the week and this sign never fails to make me smirk.


  1. You've taken some really lovely photographs. I love that you've taken daily photographs, it's a lovely reflection process.

    Shannon \\ Sixth Skyline x

  2. To be honest, I love seeing ripped Vans! Maybe it's just me, but that punk edge it brings out is super cool x
    Much Love | <a href=">Trillu</a>

  3. The only other Pudding Lane I know is the London one where the great fire started...not a bakers down there is there?! Love the sunset too by the way :) xox


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