Thursday, 23 April 2015

April 2015 // Day 106 - 112

Apr 16th. Day 106.
A lone Tulip amoung the Marigolds. A little like Alice in Wonderland, the weed amoung all the flowers.

Apr 17th. Day 107.
So nice to get to see my Nana today but even nicer to have her out and about and getting to see her loving to catch up with people she hadn't seen in a long time. We enjoyed a nice lunch together in town and a lovely walk to and from town in the sunshine!

Apr 18th. Day 108.
I'm currently nearing the end of my millionth time of re-reading the Harry Potter series, which yes, I do read on a loop. I thought it time I read something different so after asking around and hunting in Amazon's second hand book shops I ordered some newbies. The Cuckoo's Calling was actually only 1p!!! But of course there was shipping - catch! And the Bird book & Labyrinth I picked up in town from a second hand book place too, £2.00 a piece. Yay for pre-loved books!

Apr 19th. Day 109.
I went up to Mam and Dads with Baker today but after a lovely dinner couldn't quite finish my cake. Mam wrapped it up and when I got home and took it out my bag to finish off I found a sneaky fiver for my bus fare <3

Apr 20th. Day 110.
Impromptu beach day!!! With Jake being on night shift this week Baker and I are alone most of the time and obviously have to be quite when he's in bed, so we popped out for a walk in the lovely weather.
I wasn't sure where we were headed because of it being good weather and lots of people being out enjoying it, but thankfully the beach was practically deserted. This dog of mine adores the beach SO much and it was awesome that the water is apparently now warm enough for him to properly swim again.

Apr 21st. Day 111.
Back to Mam and Dads today again to make the most of the sun (our back garden doesn't get much sun and the front has too many people passing) and catch up with Dad. I read some Potter and didn't even need a coat/hoodie/cardigan!!

Apr 22nd. Day 112. 
Back to the beach again but a different one today and accompanied by Dad. Baker did A LOT of swimming, along with his gigantic stick - he always wants the biggest, heaviest one! I loved these little birdy footprints in the sand but someone had ruined them with their big clumpy feet. A little symbolic don't you think of mans impact on wildlife?


  1. I know I say this with each of your posts but I just adore your photos Danielle, especially any of your ones of Baker - he's so photogenic! Love these beachy scenes and that lovely shot of your book in the sunshine - it's getting so nice and warm now. - Tasha

  2. Looks like a great week! OMG The Cuckoos Calling - I actually really loved this! I feel in love with the two main characters so much! The second book in this series is also awesome! xx

  3. Warm enough for no cardi - fabulous! :)

    I never walk through bird or animal prints, always over or around, it just seems wrong! Of course it may be my OCD but it seems bad to trample over what was there first. Stella would have no such misgivings however and be kicking the sand all over the place!

    Beautiful photos xox


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