Thursday, 30 April 2015

April 2015 // Day 113 - 119

April 23rd. Day 113.
Thursdays are always my worst day at taking photos. Seeing as they are starting day for my week and I want to make it an awesome photo, the world obviously doesn't work that way. Here, have a sunset.

Apr 24th. Day 114.
The pigeons were having a lot of fun flying from arch to arch of the bridge all together, it was so cool to watch.

Apr 25th. Day 115.
I recently placed a couple of orders with Hobby Craft and then spent a little time today photographing everything to show in a haul post on my other blog

Apr 26th. Day 116.
I woke up and went to work at 6.15 as the sun was rising. I walked home at 8.45 in the sunshine. Later Mam and I took Baker for a walk where we had a little flurry of hail stones before getting home just as the sun came out and dried up all the rain. Then it snowed. In April.

Apr 27th. Day 117.
That's my little Pansys out into the big wide world now.

Apr 28th. Day 118.
While dying something black, I decided to throw my old Vans in too to try and re-vamp them. Unfortunatly the little tiny spots that were worn ended up ripping and now I need to come up with an idea of how to patch them! 

Apr 29th. Day 119.
I walk up and down these steps at least twice everyday of the week and this sign never fails to make me smirk.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

April 2015 // Day 106 - 112

Apr 16th. Day 106.
A lone Tulip amoung the Marigolds. A little like Alice in Wonderland, the weed amoung all the flowers.

Apr 17th. Day 107.
So nice to get to see my Nana today but even nicer to have her out and about and getting to see her loving to catch up with people she hadn't seen in a long time. We enjoyed a nice lunch together in town and a lovely walk to and from town in the sunshine!

Apr 18th. Day 108.
I'm currently nearing the end of my millionth time of re-reading the Harry Potter series, which yes, I do read on a loop. I thought it time I read something different so after asking around and hunting in Amazon's second hand book shops I ordered some newbies. The Cuckoo's Calling was actually only 1p!!! But of course there was shipping - catch! And the Bird book & Labyrinth I picked up in town from a second hand book place too, £2.00 a piece. Yay for pre-loved books!

Apr 19th. Day 109.
I went up to Mam and Dads with Baker today but after a lovely dinner couldn't quite finish my cake. Mam wrapped it up and when I got home and took it out my bag to finish off I found a sneaky fiver for my bus fare <3

Apr 20th. Day 110.
Impromptu beach day!!! With Jake being on night shift this week Baker and I are alone most of the time and obviously have to be quite when he's in bed, so we popped out for a walk in the lovely weather.
I wasn't sure where we were headed because of it being good weather and lots of people being out enjoying it, but thankfully the beach was practically deserted. This dog of mine adores the beach SO much and it was awesome that the water is apparently now warm enough for him to properly swim again.

Apr 21st. Day 111.
Back to Mam and Dads today again to make the most of the sun (our back garden doesn't get much sun and the front has too many people passing) and catch up with Dad. I read some Potter and didn't even need a coat/hoodie/cardigan!!

Apr 22nd. Day 112. 
Back to the beach again but a different one today and accompanied by Dad. Baker did A LOT of swimming, along with his gigantic stick - he always wants the biggest, heaviest one! I loved these little birdy footprints in the sand but someone had ruined them with their big clumpy feet. A little symbolic don't you think of mans impact on wildlife?

Thursday, 16 April 2015

April 2015 // Days 99 - 105

 Apr 9th. Day 99.
It got to bedtime, after having washed my face, brushed my teeth and sat down with my book until I realized I hadn't taken a photo yet today! That is very rare.
I raced back downstairs and grabbed my camera thinking hard what to photograph, obviously settling on my little lucky elephants with the Buddhas behind. It's not totally random though as I've been getting back into my mediation and yoga - especially before bedtime and these gave off this vibe without having to photography myself in silly poses haha.

 Apr 10th. Day 100.
Day 100!!! Almost a 3rd of the way done, scary! The only reason I dislike having fresh flowers is that I get sad when they die :(

 Apr 11th. Day 101.
Watching the Grand National as a family and crying my eyes out all the way through, screaming every time there was a fall. Glad to have another year with no deaths, though I am well aware that horses die everyday due to human usage as entertainment. :/

 Apr 12th. Day 102.
Drip, drip, drop little April shower!

Apr 13th. Day 103. 
Fresh sheets.

 Apr 14th. Day 104.
After work this morning I picked up Baker and got the bus up to my parents to await my replacement laptop being delivered. We watched Game of Thrones, caught up with Tales from Northumberland and ate some yummy cake (well I did, sorry Baker) but I didn't think anything was significant to photograph. We had a hunt in the garden but with no birds around I decided on snapping some shots of this bush that has been in my parents garden as long as I can remember - it's starting to bloom!

Apr 15th. Day 105.
A sunny day during the week calls for a beach trip as there are less chances of it being full of other dogs. We got a good little run around in, with a bit of a swim too before we had to leave when all the holiday maker dog walkers arrived.
We had a brilliant time though and the walk home was fun photographing little signs of Spring for another blog post.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

April 2015 // Days 92 - 98

Apr 2nd. Day 92.
A walk across the bridge to town with Jake to pop into the shops. On the way home there were many canoes and flying swans to photograph.

Apr 3rd. Day 93. 
Early Easter gift opening fun! And for being such a good boy posing for photos, one of his new Hedgehog treats.

Apr 4th. Day 94.
I didn't get enough photos of lambs from my trip to the farm as I was too busy stroking them and watching them. So today Mam and I took Baker to Ord for a play at the park with his new Frizbee! On the way back we took a different route so that I could take some more photos of these little guys in the field.

Apr 5th. Day 95.
A sunny day with nothing to do called for a visit to Granny and Grandads house!

Apr 6th. Day 96.
Last time we saw the geese there were only two, and those two had been here a while over the winter. Today on our walk home from town with Baker we counted five!

Apr 7th. Day 97.
I've had a productive day, getting in from work at 8am, getting lots of chores done and the Easter decor down. After a midday walk with little man it was time for a rather eclectic lunch, but yummy none the less. Accompanied by this beautiful sunshine we've been having beaming through the blinds!

Apr 8th. Day 98.
YES!!! Success! After goodness knows how many weeks of having a bird feeder in the front garden, the birds have finally gotten the confidence to come by each day. We had an unfortunate incident a little while ago where Baker went after the neighbours cat after it came into our garden, so I'm hoping that its scared the cats off and that it makes the birds less frightened!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

March/April 2015 // Days 85 - 91

Mar 26th. Day 85.
9.30pm was once spent having dinner and sitting on the laptop, now instead it is bedtime. Every night. I get up at 6am for a 20-30mins past start at work so the earlier I can get to sleep the better.

Mar 27th. Day 86.
One of the best things about starting work so early is this view. I only have a 10-15min walk across the bridge to get to work and this was the stunning sky this morning. It turned out that the 'red sky at night' rhyme my Granda used to tell me was true by the way...

Mar 28th. Day 87.
Today was literally ones of the best days of my life, ticking something off my bucket list and experiencing something I wish I had been born into.
My Mams lovely friend has a farm and with it having just been lambing season she allowed Mam and I to come see the little beauts. Little did we know we'd bump into her and her daughter while we walked there and end up getting a lift on the quad bike through the fields, feeding the sheep and lambs.
I took photos, stroked lambs and even had them suck my finger! It was an amazing day.

Mar 29th. Day 88.
Edinburgh is fast becoming a second home, bypassing Newcastle that literally used to be my home. Today Mam and I took the train up to go see Cinderella!! Before hand I had to show her the wonder that is the National Museum of Scotland that Claire and I explored two weeks ago. Just look how tiny Mam looks next to that amazing Albatross!

Mar 30th. Day 89.
A day catching up on blog stuff (as I've slacked a lot lately) and taking photos of my Easter decor for this post!

Mar 31st. Day 90.
I couldn't not take a photo of this monkey chasing the sun around the house today. How beautiful is he? I swear he must of been royalty or something in a past life as he is so poised and regal in the way he holds himself sometimes. 

Apr 1st. Day 91.
Nope, I haven't had a mysterious child that you don't know about it, nor have I gone back to school. These are my Mams beautiful decorated eggs for a little light hearted competition they are having at her work - I hope the effort is recognized. Aren't they so sweet?!