Thursday, 26 March 2015

March 2015 // Days 78 - 84

Mar 19th. Day 78.
Baker and Granda in Underland!

Mar 20th. Day 79.
My attempt at photographing the eclipse. We got up early (it was a lay in day), sat with the bedroom window wide open and set up the tripod. It was so lovely and warm! Then the time came, my camera couldn't handle it and I got annoyed. This is the best I managed. I love how the little bird stayed in frame for me though :)

Mar 21st. Day 80.
While shopping with Mam I spied and fell in love with this canvas. Today my Dad went all the way over to town just to get it for me. He is one in a bazillion!

Mar 22nd. Day 81.
Baker and I went up to Mam and Dads for Sunday dinner but ate it all up before photographing anything. However I did stand and watch the Starlings playing on the neighbours roof from my old bedroom window.

Mar 23rd. Day 82.
Beautiful skies outside this evening.

Mar 24th Day 83
I love Eider ducks, they are so exotic looking a beautiful to me. The one on the right is a male and I assumed (as the beak and body shape/size is the same) that the other was a female although their plumage is usually more brown, similarly to a common female mallard.  However, upon researching further I think it could be another male in it's Eclipse plumage. Fascinating! Or to me at least... :P

Mar 25th. Day 84.
To end the 'week' we had a fabulous sunny day and so we went for a walk with Claire. There wasn't much to photograph while out and about so I made my boy pose on our side of the river with Berwick's famous Town Hall in the background.


  1. I always enjoy these posts, that final shot of Baker is lovely. I love the photo of the Eider ducks, they're such gorgeous birds and I thought the fact about their eclipse plumage was fascinating too! I love your eclipse photo as well, the little bird frames it nicely. Lovely, as always! - Tasha

    1. Thanks so much. They really are stunning aren't they - I couldn't believe the fact about their plumage, so cool!


  2. I love the composition of your eclipse photo! Couldn't see anything at all down here for cloud but it did get colder for about 20 minutes. Baker's looking handsome as ever :) x


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