Thursday, 12 March 2015

March 2015 // Days 64 - 70

Mar 5th. Day 64.
Thursday has come around again and this evening I met Mam from work to pop into town. After a Cafe Nero stop and picking up bits we needed, I ended up at the Easter Isle of Home Bargains for the millionth time since it appeared. This time I actually left with a couple bits of which I have some crafts planned using!

Mar 6th. Day 65.
More Spring/Easter decor crafts in progress...!

Mar 7th. Day 66.
A quick and not so flattering, family portrait taken in my home studio the day before Mam and Dad left for their holidays! It is for a little project for my Grandma (Dads Mam) who has Alzheimer's.

Mar 8th. Day 67.
Someone has adopted a new spot.

Mar 9th. Day 68.
So I had my first interview since leaving my old job today and at 9pm I got the call to say I had got the job! Woohoo!

Mar 10th. Day 69.
It's a little bit of a long walk up to my parents house, but there are great views across the whole town. I popped up to check on the house and Baker was pretty miffed that his Granny and Granda weren't there! Poor guy.

Mar 11th. Day 70.
Happy 50th Birthday Dad!! 'Baker' made his Granda a card (he did actually draw a picture inside) and we showed him it on Google Hangouts all the way in Lanzarote! He doesn't look 50 does he??!

(I apologize for the lack in quality this week. With my laptop of to the computer hospital, I don't have Photoshop and for some reason the alternative I am using is sucking all the life out of the photos :( Boo hiss! Still - the memories are there!)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I love that shot of Baker on the chair, he's so cute, and what a lovely view outside of your parents' house too! Lovely photos as always Danielle! - Tasha

  2. Great memories :) Congrats on the job, sorry I missed that news! :) xox


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