Thursday, 26 March 2015

March 2015 // Days 78 - 84

Mar 19th. Day 78.
Baker and Granda in Underland!

Mar 20th. Day 79.
My attempt at photographing the eclipse. We got up early (it was a lay in day), sat with the bedroom window wide open and set up the tripod. It was so lovely and warm! Then the time came, my camera couldn't handle it and I got annoyed. This is the best I managed. I love how the little bird stayed in frame for me though :)

Mar 21st. Day 80.
While shopping with Mam I spied and fell in love with this canvas. Today my Dad went all the way over to town just to get it for me. He is one in a bazillion!

Mar 22nd. Day 81.
Baker and I went up to Mam and Dads for Sunday dinner but ate it all up before photographing anything. However I did stand and watch the Starlings playing on the neighbours roof from my old bedroom window.

Mar 23rd. Day 82.
Beautiful skies outside this evening.

Mar 24th Day 83
I love Eider ducks, they are so exotic looking a beautiful to me. The one on the right is a male and I assumed (as the beak and body shape/size is the same) that the other was a female although their plumage is usually more brown, similarly to a common female mallard.  However, upon researching further I think it could be another male in it's Eclipse plumage. Fascinating! Or to me at least... :P

Mar 25th. Day 84.
To end the 'week' we had a fabulous sunny day and so we went for a walk with Claire. There wasn't much to photograph while out and about so I made my boy pose on our side of the river with Berwick's famous Town Hall in the background.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

March 2015 // Days 71 - 77

Mar 12th. Day 71. 
Last night and tonight I had my first ever guest to stay over in our guest room! I like the decor in there so much better than our room.

Mar 13th. Day 72.
After a long time deliberating, I finally settled on what to get Dad for his 50th birthday and it arrived today!! As anyone that knows me should know, I'm a sucker for personalization, limited edition things and uniqueness so when I found a website that sold original newspapers from years ago I had to get one from Dad's day of birth as a great keepsake.

Mar 14th. Day 73. 
Up at 7am and not home until 7.30pm but my day in Edinburgh with Claire was so much fun! There will be a lot of posts coming up on the main blog as we visited so many amazing museums and places.

Mar 15th. Day 74.
The magnet collection is growing. Chuffed with my little Greyfriars Bobby one! 

Mar 16th. Day 75.
Yesterday the diet took a slight slip with a Chinese buffet for lunch (it's okay though, we were celebrating), not too badly but this was tonights meal. YUM! :D

Mar 17th. Day 76.
My sleepy boy hugging into his new camel toy that his Granny and Granda brought him back from Lanzarote.

Mar 18th. Day 77.
Hello Sunshine!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

March 2015 // Days 64 - 70

Mar 5th. Day 64.
Thursday has come around again and this evening I met Mam from work to pop into town. After a Cafe Nero stop and picking up bits we needed, I ended up at the Easter Isle of Home Bargains for the millionth time since it appeared. This time I actually left with a couple bits of which I have some crafts planned using!

Mar 6th. Day 65.
More Spring/Easter decor crafts in progress...!

Mar 7th. Day 66.
A quick and not so flattering, family portrait taken in my home studio the day before Mam and Dad left for their holidays! It is for a little project for my Grandma (Dads Mam) who has Alzheimer's.

Mar 8th. Day 67.
Someone has adopted a new spot.

Mar 9th. Day 68.
So I had my first interview since leaving my old job today and at 9pm I got the call to say I had got the job! Woohoo!

Mar 10th. Day 69.
It's a little bit of a long walk up to my parents house, but there are great views across the whole town. I popped up to check on the house and Baker was pretty miffed that his Granny and Granda weren't there! Poor guy.

Mar 11th. Day 70.
Happy 50th Birthday Dad!! 'Baker' made his Granda a card (he did actually draw a picture inside) and we showed him it on Google Hangouts all the way in Lanzarote! He doesn't look 50 does he??!

(I apologize for the lack in quality this week. With my laptop of to the computer hospital, I don't have Photoshop and for some reason the alternative I am using is sucking all the life out of the photos :( Boo hiss! Still - the memories are there!)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

February/March 2015 // Days 57 - 63

Feb 26th. Day 57.
Okay, so I know that this photo is disgusting in quality (forgive me, it was dusk and pretty freakin' dark and as I've said repeatedly, my camera is broken) but I couldn't not include this in my memory documenting project.
I have since had to remove all the bird feed from the back yard and haven't seen this guy again. That may sound nasty to some but I can't encourage them coming near the house. Our house backs onto an allotment and we are very near farmers fields and a river. I want them to stay as wild as possible and not become comfortable around people.

Feb 27th. Day 58.
Zoo day!! Today we went to Edinburgh Zoo and got to see so many amazing animals - including one of their Pandas. I'll have more info on them alongside a couple of other photos in my 'Lions, Tigers and Bears' post on Underland to Wonderland tomorrow (Friday 6th!) so check that out.

Feb 28th. Day 59.
I was sent this fabulous 'Book of Everyone' book to review on my blog and give to my Mam for Mothers day and it arrived today. I took lots of photos and you can check out the full post here

Mar 1st. Day 60.
A pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month!! I can't believe it's March already. How many times have you heard someone say that now? I'm just a bit gutted that time is going so fast! Like, I'm super excited for Spring of course but I just don't want my life to fly by haha.
Anyways, today Baker and I met my Mam, went to feed the ducks and swans then had a play at the beach!

 Mar 2nd. Day 61.
Since I saw my first Snow Drops at the end of last month, I wanted to get a photo of them. Now I did.

Mar 3rd. Day 62.
Spring time is coming! I was having a little Spring clean and came across this little guy from last Easter. Decided he needed a nice cosy spot in the sunshine.

Mar 4th. Day 63.
A stripy sky tonight. I went for a lovely walk with Baker and our friend Claire today but didn't manage to catch any of the birds I was after on camera, therefore pretty sky with Seagull silhouette will have to do! Also, my laptop went away to computer hospital today so I have no access to Photoshop from now on for a while. I tried out a free editing software online but it wasn't great so that's my excuse! :P