Thursday, 26 February 2015

February 2015 // Days 50 - 56

Feb 19th. Day 50.
You literally cannot go anywhere without this face staring at you.
(Photo was staged, don't worry! haha)

Feb 20th. Day 51.
A trip to the beach meant a memory card of bird photos but I'm so sure that I've posted enough and it'd make a change to share this beaut. Thanks Mother Nature!! :)
After a morning sorting the house out, Mam stopped by with my early Easter gift (a new Winter coat!) and we headed out with little man. He had fun paddling and running, then we came home for a quiet evening.

Feb 21st. Day 52. 
Today was the day I chose as my February 'day in photos', a new series for Underland to Wonderland, which also funnily enough coincided with the 'photo an hour' project that a few of my blogging friends on Twitter do.
It was a fairly quiet, normal day and this shot is from when Baker and I popped around the corner to feed the ducks and swans. We really are immensely lucky that this view is a 2 minute walk from our house.

Feb 22nd. Day 53. 
The most beautiful little girls got Christened today. Happy Christening Day Erin and Faye.

Feb 23rd. Day 54. 
This nutter wanted his hair cut and couldn't wait to got to the hairdressers...hence the home job. Because I helped him do it he promised that he'd let me take his portrait for my photo of the day. I'd of liked one of us together but after a day of tidying and movie watching I wasn't exactly presentable.

Feb 24th. Day 55.
After another quiet day, I met my Mam after work for our semi-regular Cafe Nero catch up and pop to the shops. Then we came back to mine to pick up the furry male and took him for a twilight playtime at the field.

Feb 25th. Day 56.
I feel like all I write about doing is cleaning, but with a man and a dog its necessary, and today was a day doing such. To end off the day I made a 'Sunday' dinner. Guess which is Jakes and which is mine!


  1. I want a Sunday dinner now hahaha!
    Can't believe you got such a great photo of a rainbow! :)

    Jem xx

    1. lol! Its very rare we have them because of the cost of chicken and amount of washing up it makes :P
      Thank you! It was quite a bright one like.


  2. Awww, Baker is such a cutie and I love that rainbow photo - you're like me, if there are birds around I end up taking so many photos of them and sometimes miss out on other great shots. Lovely post! I'm really enjoying this series you've been doing. - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Oh yeah, I'll stop and have a conversation with a bush if there are birds in in :P


  3. You have the cutest dog ever! ahh :) I love these kinds of posts :) x

  4. Replies
    1. If only there was a pot of gold at the bottom... ;)


  5. As per usual, beautiful array of photographs :) They for some reason always cheer me up, really make me see the beauty in everything. Thank you for sharing these fabulous photos with us. Ahh Sunday dinner, I miss my parents sunday dinner so much, haven't had it in 3 months! Is your plate the one without the puddings and carrots? haha


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