Thursday, 19 February 2015

February 2015 // Days 43 - 49

Feb 12th. Day 43.
After finally having been to the doctors and finding out why I'd been feeling so poorly, I managed to get out and post off the prize of my giveaway to the winner!

Feb 13th. Day 44.
Just like usual Baker and I met up with my Mam, this Friday and took the long walk up to my Mam and Dads house. On the way I spotted what I thought was an otter in the river. It couldn't be?! Not in Berwick!! I whipped out my camera, stuck the long lens on and zoomed it. It was! We spent a good half hour watching two otters dive and spin and play in the river, and this one eating his fresh catch off his belly.

Feb 14th. Day 45.
Another day spent meeting up with Mam, this time we ventured over to the beach. Weekends are so unbelievably stressful when out dog walking because of the sheer amount of owners who do not respect other people. Anyways, luckily the beach was pretty much deserted upon our arrival and Mam kindly entertained little man up on the sand, while I got wet feet creeping up on b

Feb 15th. Day 46.
Sunday was spent yet again with Baker and I meeting my Mam! haha We walked up to go and meet my Dad from the train station and back to ours for a little early birthday buffet put together by me. Basic, but yummy. Especially the cake.
Unfortunately greedy me must of eaten too much because come 1am there was a reappearance (sorry!) and Jake had to look after me.

Feb 16th. Day 47.
Happy Birthday Jake!! We're not big on celebrating birthdays so after a lie in, we slowly pulled ourselves together and headed off into town to run a couple errands as well as have a walk along castle vale and the river.

Feb 17th. Day 48.
This little beaut is a baby pigeon and he'd been sprayed with spray paint. Jake and I had popped into town this morning while Baker was still asleep, after a good look around and a couple bags in hand we headed home but spotted this poor little mite huddled in a doorway on the way. There was no other option than to take him home so I took off my coat and scooped him up to carry him home with us. We kept him in Bunnys old cage that we still had and tried to temp him with water and seed while we waited on the wildlife trust to come pick him up.
When the lady arrived she said that he may need to be put down but after seeing him and giving him a quick once over she said she thought that he'd clean up and be okay with some hand rearing.
Please, if you're reading this, don't just leave an animal you see that maybe need help. No matter what it is. They are not vermin, they are living breathing creatures.

Feb 18th. Day 49.
What with our special little visitor stealing the limelight yesterday, I didn't get to show off my new additions to 'the cabinet'. I spotted these in the Antique store window a few days ago while out with my Mam and Jake was so lovely as to buy me them. We're calling it a late Xmas gift seeing as my coat had to be sent back!
I've done a lot of research online but can't quite seems to date them at all yet, so if anyone has any information feel free to comment.


  1. That poor little Pigeon, I hope he's been able to recover. Some people are unnecessarily cruel towards wildlife, it's such a shame. Beautiful photos as always Danielle, especially of the Otter too, what a find! - Tasha

    1. I know eh?! :( I really dunno how anyone could of physically done that to something so helpless.
      Ive had an update and its now eating solids and most of the paint is off! :)
      Thank you!


  2. It might be my stomach talking but I love your little buffet - looks so good! :)

    John ¦ Shout John

    1. lol! Just a basic one too, were not pie/quiche/pasta people :P

  3. Your little buffet looks amazing! Oh, and your blog looks amazing as well!:)

    Elizabeth -

    1. Ah thank you, nothing special but it did the trick. And thank you very much!


  4. Wonderful photos (I think the birds are my favourite this week), and, how lovely of Jake to treat you to the antique Disney treasures :) x

    1. Thank you! He may not like Disney, but he's a star!



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