Thursday, 15 January 2015

January 2015 // Days 8 - 14

 Jan 8th. Day 8.
You'll soon see that my days of being a 'housewife' grow repetitive. Apart from heading to the same park we went to yesterday, Baker and I just chilled in the house. I had a big clean of the blinds, skirting boards etc and then took some time out to get photos edited. I did also take quite a while taking this shot as I had to set up the studio lighting with it being so dismal. It could of been better, but I feel it sums up my day well.

Jan 9th. Day 9. 
Last night the winds hit again, and they were really bad. To follow them, rain came splashing down and just as we'd headed out on Bakers walk. We'd (my Mam and I) usually really enjoy and nice big walk around the walls with him, while he runs around crazy but not today. Yet another dog, just a jack russell at that, went for Baker. It's getting to the point where I feel I can't take him out in public anywhere because his confidence has been completely crushed and he's petrified when a dog comes running towards him. This one was a feisty thing, jumping and barking and snapping at him while I held him up high off of the ground. This was one of the only photos I'd managed to take before it all happened as we headed home right after. I didn't realize until editing, but it looks like a face! Can you see it?

Jan 10th. Day 10.
I know I discuss weather a lot it seems, but it snowed today! Sort of... it didn't lay but it did and was freezing! Baker and I went up to my Mam and Dads for the afternoon and played at the field up there - safe and unbothered by any other dogs! Oh and that is the view from up there. Pretty beautiful eh?

Jan 11th. Day 11. 
Before we went to bed last night (technically today because it was after midnight) I was looking out of our spare bedroom window and spotted a shooting star by the bridge! However, despite me thinking it was good luck and of course wishing on it, the day didn't start out well and ended up being a long emotional one - meaning no photos taken. By the evening I thought I pop my go-to model into the home studio and so here is one of the results.

Jan 12th. Day 12.
Rain, rain go away! Bathroom cleaning and finally getting the boxes of Christmas decorations that I took down on the first, put up and away into the attic was the jobs of today and now it's photo editing and blog writing while I catch up on YouTube and watch Netflix.

Jan 13th. Day 13.
The entrance to the park we go to play at most days. If that wasn't a main road outside the gate it would be even better.

Jan 14th. Day 14.
The two week mark already? Craziness. I have a question and answer post coming up on Underland to Wonderland and one of the questions required a photograph of my chest tattoo. I haven't really any that completely shows it so here we are. I didn't expect to have my face showing - hence having no make up on - but I kind of liked how it turned out. Plus, looking through the past two years projects I found that there aren't many self portraits so I'm gonna try and take one a month!


  1. Your dog is the cutest! He reminds of my dog, what breed is he?
    All of your pictures are so beautiful. I really like the last one with your tattoo. It's really cool!

    Tess xx

    1. Thank you!! He is a border collie lurcher cross. What is yours?? I know two other people whose dogs look like they could have been from his litter 'because they are soo similar! haha

      Thanks for stopping by Tess!


  2. You look so beautiful Danielle.
    Your photos are always amazing and inspiring, so getting to see a snippet of your days through them is awesome!
    Jemma xx

    1. Aw shucks! You are too much! :) Thank you.
      My photos would be way better if I had a camera that wasn't 5 years old and broken haha.


  3. Your photos are stunning! I think photography is one of the best ways a person can express themselves and show the beauty in the world. No one sees the world quite like a photographer does.

    Leather & Lipstick

    1. What a great way to put it! And thank you, that's so lovely of you.



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