Thursday, 22 January 2015

January 2015 // Days 15 - 21

Jan 15th. Day 15.
Apart from the usual chores and dog walk, today was spent predominantly watching, strangely enough Friends. I did however take some photos for the other blog and this is one that didn't get used. Just some of my Disney Dvd collection!

Jan 16th. Day 16.
After a quiet morning at home, Dad stopped by after work to be greeted by a super excited Baker! We then walked over to town to meet Claire, have a nice little walk around the walls and go back to mine for some Friends and a laugh in the home studio. I really love this shot I got of Claire, such a natural smile laughing at my pathetic jokes haha.

Jan 17th. Day 17.
For a change, today I spent most of the day not at home! In the morning Mam and I took to Berwick for our new, sort of weekend tradition of having a little breakfast and a nose in the shops. We walked back to mine to pick up Baker and got the bus (with a horrible lady who gave me the worst looks ever for having Baker sat on my knee) up to Mams. She washed both Baker and I's coats, baked a cake and we watched Brave together. When I got home later on I had some of said cake with some cornish ice cream!

Jan 18th. Day 18. 
If I'd of gotten out of bed a little earlier I'd of been able to get a shot of a good covering of snow. However after Baker and I eventually decided to open the front door it was rapidly melting away. Being by the sea and river means the salt air isn't snows best friend...technically a good thing. Jake was doing overtime at work so Baker and I went to meet him and play at the field for a bit before returning home for a evening of pizza and catching up on CBB.

Jan 19th. Day 19. 
I am officially obsessed with lists again. Everyday for the past couple of days I've been writing a list of stuff to do that day and finding that having it there to cross things off as they are done a great motivator. Even if I don't complete it all it's still cool to see that I've actually succeeded in something.

Jan 20th. Day 20. 
The only coming through my letter box that I like to see. Well, love to see! There's something about that little cardboard envelope and the the Disney writing that turns me into an excited idiot! DMR is one of the best reward schemes out there. Yey!

Jan 21st. Day 21.
We had a lazy day today. I heard a howl this morning and ran down the stairs thinking there was something wrong but it turned out to be the neighbours dog and Baker looked at me with a look of questioning why I'd woken him. So we went upstairs put the heating on and had a cuddle until it warmed up enough for a shower.
Some breakfast and Friends later we went for our daily walk only to find our time slot at the park had been intruded on!! (I know it's a public park, I am joking. Though was slightly ticked off because no one ever comes at that time) So we went to yet another different field. He jumped over, skidded on and broke the frozen puddles, had a few good throws of his ball and then we went to meet Jake from work.
This evening was another where I really struggled to find something to photograph. My camera is getting worse by the day too and so although it's a photo of little man doing one of his favorite isn't great quality. Apologies!


  1. I'm loving that first photo! What a great collection to have!

    1. Thanks! That still isn't them all. Hopefully one day I'll own every Disney movie I can haha


  2. These 365 posts are brilliant, Danielle. I love your Disney collection - I need to re-build mine again! I remember watching that short with the Whale that could sing from my childhood, from the Make Mine Music cover - ah the nostalgia! I love that shot of the ice up close too and the one with Baker on the windowsill. Lovely. - Tasha

    1. :) We would be such good friends if we lived closer! haha I love that we like the same things!!
      As always, thank you!!!


  3. How wonderful to have a friend that laughs at your jokes, that Claire's a keeper :) Of course I have to love day 19 ;) & the Baker photo is gorgeous xox

    1. haha I know right! It's not often that happens, they were pretty poor jokes too :P
      Oh yes - pride of place! Thank you <3



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