Thursday, 8 January 2015

January 2015 // Days 1-7

So as you have probably gathered by the title, I am in fact attempting another Project 365! However this time, to save my stress and Jake's sanity instead of having to take, edit and upload a photo all on the same day, I have decided to take all my photos and then upload them weekly just like I did last year. I think that is all of an introduction this needs seeing as it is the 3rd year, you all know the drill!

1st Jan. Day 1.
A very proud, happy, strange, weird, cool moment today was putting up my very own calendar on the wall. I'm hoping that having my own photos hanging there will motivate me to keep up with using it more regularly.

2nd Jan. Day 2. 
My beautiful Nana. We took a trip up to see Nana today while my Aunty and Uncle (who live with her) were out. She joked about breaking the camera, but how could that lovely smile break anything! You'd never believe she's 84, eh?!

3rd Jan. Day 3.
Our first beach visit of 2015! The tide was coming in and it was pretty choppy but that didn't stop little man having a good run through the waves.

4th Jan. Day 4.
Sunday. A day of rest. And that it was in our house! This was the sight on the sofa most of the day while I caught up on laundry and such as well as taking full advantage of Friends now being on Netflix!!

5th Jan. Day 5.
Today was a day of getting more stuff done. I got another set of laundry out on the washing line (thank goodness for a milder but windy day - woohoo!) and some more bird fat balls made seeing as the birds keep visiting and I've had nothing left for them lately, plus it's officially Bird Day! If you'd like a cheaper alternative to buying pre-made bird seed and feeds I have a step by step post of the ones I make here.

6th Jan. Day 6.
We had to wait in today for a parcel that was coming so no exploring during daylight. However at 4 o'clock we (Baker and I) went to meet my Mam from work and were surprised to see two geese swimming around with the ducks and swans - I've never seen any in this particular area!

7th Jan. Day 7.
And then the winds came! My goodness, it was so windy today that it sounded like the house was gonna take off, Wizard of Oz style. Still, Baker and I ventured to the park and so I could attempt to get some kind of photo of our travels I took the camera in my backpack. I wanted to capture how strong the wind was somehow...but without my tripod this was all I could manage. I love evergreens though. Its lovely to see trees thriving between the leafless ones.

I can't quite believe that this is the 1st week over and done with. It has been a lot easier than I thought to get my daily photos and as long as I keep the project a main priority, I feel I'll be able to complete it well. Although I had planned to take, edit and upload separately I've actually found myself taking, editing and uploading each photo into this same post each day and it's working but I like that I have the option to edit the next day or something if I can't quite make into onto a computer.
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  1. Time is flying by already isn't it?! No wonder you were proud hanging your own calendar, your photos are fab :) I remember getting a print of Stella done a few years ago and being amazed seeing my own name on it when it arrived framed and ready to hang!

    A good start to the year :) x

    1. Completely. It's scary! That means alot Lisa - thank you.
      Aww I can only imagine, especially a photo of such a stunning girl. We're hoping to get a family portrait blown up for the living room in the coming months...that'll be exciting!

      Here's hoping the year just continues to get better :)
      Lots of love to you both xo

  2. Lovely, lovely photos here Danielle! I love the new layout too - it looks so chic! You've captured some brilliant shots here for 365. - Tasha

    1. Thank so much Tasha. I've had so many compliments on the layout it's crazy haha - it was just a quick fix!


  3. I am doing this as well! I am doing mine via a pinterest board and then going to upload to my blog monthly. Love it!! Love your photos as well :)

    1. Woohoo! It's a great way to document your year eh? I had a peek at yours and love it so far - more dogs please! :P



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