Thursday, 29 January 2015

January 2015 // Days 22 - 28

Jan 22nd. Day 22.
This is Rowan, my lovely Zoologist friend who will be jetting off again shortly to a far off land and work with some amazing animals. We had a lovely catch up when she came into town for the day and I really enjoyed the fact that the beach was deserted minus us and the birds! Baker loved it.
You can check out her blog here. She blogged all about her time in South Africa last year and may even be blogging from Ecuador this year.

Jan 23rd. Day 23. 
The last item for my blog giveaway arrived yesterday so I took the opportunity to photograph the prizes all together and get the post ready. It went up on Monday and closes Sunday at midnight so if you want to enter head over and check it out!

 Jan 24th. Day 24.
Today was a good day. Since Nana has been diagnosed with Parkinson's it's very rare she gets to go out anywhere and she's been a member of the Spittal Variety Group for 30 odd years or something, so it was amazing to see her enjoy herself so much at this years Pantomime.

Jan 25th. Day 25.
Seeing as I was out all day yesterday I got to take part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch this morning. Although I didn't really get any great photos I did have a great hour that whizzed by! I then spent the rest of the day cleaning, went out for a walk to meet Dad from the train station and sat down for some blogging. :)

Jan 26th. Day 26.
Monday. Jakes on night shift. A lonely, slow day for me. So I arranged last minute to meet up with Claire and have a little walk around the walls to get Baker and I out of the house. It was a pretty afternoon.

 Jan 27th. Day 27.
Red sky at night - shepherd's delight.

Jan 28th. Day 28.
It's starting to really annoy me that no matter what file type I save these in, they upload in shockingly bad quality, as well as my camera getting worse by the day. I really don't know what effects that part of the camera but it is especially bad in low light/high iso and like I've said the auto focus isn't quick right. Today after chores we had a lazy my usually blogging set up (at least when Jake is at work it is).

Thursday, 22 January 2015

January 2015 // Days 15 - 21

Jan 15th. Day 15.
Apart from the usual chores and dog walk, today was spent predominantly watching, strangely enough Friends. I did however take some photos for the other blog and this is one that didn't get used. Just some of my Disney Dvd collection!

Jan 16th. Day 16.
After a quiet morning at home, Dad stopped by after work to be greeted by a super excited Baker! We then walked over to town to meet Claire, have a nice little walk around the walls and go back to mine for some Friends and a laugh in the home studio. I really love this shot I got of Claire, such a natural smile laughing at my pathetic jokes haha.

Jan 17th. Day 17.
For a change, today I spent most of the day not at home! In the morning Mam and I took to Berwick for our new, sort of weekend tradition of having a little breakfast and a nose in the shops. We walked back to mine to pick up Baker and got the bus (with a horrible lady who gave me the worst looks ever for having Baker sat on my knee) up to Mams. She washed both Baker and I's coats, baked a cake and we watched Brave together. When I got home later on I had some of said cake with some cornish ice cream!

Jan 18th. Day 18. 
If I'd of gotten out of bed a little earlier I'd of been able to get a shot of a good covering of snow. However after Baker and I eventually decided to open the front door it was rapidly melting away. Being by the sea and river means the salt air isn't snows best friend...technically a good thing. Jake was doing overtime at work so Baker and I went to meet him and play at the field for a bit before returning home for a evening of pizza and catching up on CBB.

Jan 19th. Day 19. 
I am officially obsessed with lists again. Everyday for the past couple of days I've been writing a list of stuff to do that day and finding that having it there to cross things off as they are done a great motivator. Even if I don't complete it all it's still cool to see that I've actually succeeded in something.

Jan 20th. Day 20. 
The only coming through my letter box that I like to see. Well, love to see! There's something about that little cardboard envelope and the the Disney writing that turns me into an excited idiot! DMR is one of the best reward schemes out there. Yey!

Jan 21st. Day 21.
We had a lazy day today. I heard a howl this morning and ran down the stairs thinking there was something wrong but it turned out to be the neighbours dog and Baker looked at me with a look of questioning why I'd woken him. So we went upstairs put the heating on and had a cuddle until it warmed up enough for a shower.
Some breakfast and Friends later we went for our daily walk only to find our time slot at the park had been intruded on!! (I know it's a public park, I am joking. Though was slightly ticked off because no one ever comes at that time) So we went to yet another different field. He jumped over, skidded on and broke the frozen puddles, had a few good throws of his ball and then we went to meet Jake from work.
This evening was another where I really struggled to find something to photograph. My camera is getting worse by the day too and so although it's a photo of little man doing one of his favorite isn't great quality. Apologies!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

January 2015 // Days 8 - 14

 Jan 8th. Day 8.
You'll soon see that my days of being a 'housewife' grow repetitive. Apart from heading to the same park we went to yesterday, Baker and I just chilled in the house. I had a big clean of the blinds, skirting boards etc and then took some time out to get photos edited. I did also take quite a while taking this shot as I had to set up the studio lighting with it being so dismal. It could of been better, but I feel it sums up my day well.

Jan 9th. Day 9. 
Last night the winds hit again, and they were really bad. To follow them, rain came splashing down and just as we'd headed out on Bakers walk. We'd (my Mam and I) usually really enjoy and nice big walk around the walls with him, while he runs around crazy but not today. Yet another dog, just a jack russell at that, went for Baker. It's getting to the point where I feel I can't take him out in public anywhere because his confidence has been completely crushed and he's petrified when a dog comes running towards him. This one was a feisty thing, jumping and barking and snapping at him while I held him up high off of the ground. This was one of the only photos I'd managed to take before it all happened as we headed home right after. I didn't realize until editing, but it looks like a face! Can you see it?

Jan 10th. Day 10.
I know I discuss weather a lot it seems, but it snowed today! Sort of... it didn't lay but it did and was freezing! Baker and I went up to my Mam and Dads for the afternoon and played at the field up there - safe and unbothered by any other dogs! Oh and that is the view from up there. Pretty beautiful eh?

Jan 11th. Day 11. 
Before we went to bed last night (technically today because it was after midnight) I was looking out of our spare bedroom window and spotted a shooting star by the bridge! However, despite me thinking it was good luck and of course wishing on it, the day didn't start out well and ended up being a long emotional one - meaning no photos taken. By the evening I thought I pop my go-to model into the home studio and so here is one of the results.

Jan 12th. Day 12.
Rain, rain go away! Bathroom cleaning and finally getting the boxes of Christmas decorations that I took down on the first, put up and away into the attic was the jobs of today and now it's photo editing and blog writing while I catch up on YouTube and watch Netflix.

Jan 13th. Day 13.
The entrance to the park we go to play at most days. If that wasn't a main road outside the gate it would be even better.

Jan 14th. Day 14.
The two week mark already? Craziness. I have a question and answer post coming up on Underland to Wonderland and one of the questions required a photograph of my chest tattoo. I haven't really any that completely shows it so here we are. I didn't expect to have my face showing - hence having no make up on - but I kind of liked how it turned out. Plus, looking through the past two years projects I found that there aren't many self portraits so I'm gonna try and take one a month!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

January 2015 // Days 1-7

So as you have probably gathered by the title, I am in fact attempting another Project 365! However this time, to save my stress and Jake's sanity instead of having to take, edit and upload a photo all on the same day, I have decided to take all my photos and then upload them weekly just like I did last year. I think that is all of an introduction this needs seeing as it is the 3rd year, you all know the drill!

1st Jan. Day 1.
A very proud, happy, strange, weird, cool moment today was putting up my very own calendar on the wall. I'm hoping that having my own photos hanging there will motivate me to keep up with using it more regularly.

2nd Jan. Day 2. 
My beautiful Nana. We took a trip up to see Nana today while my Aunty and Uncle (who live with her) were out. She joked about breaking the camera, but how could that lovely smile break anything! You'd never believe she's 84, eh?!

3rd Jan. Day 3.
Our first beach visit of 2015! The tide was coming in and it was pretty choppy but that didn't stop little man having a good run through the waves.

4th Jan. Day 4.
Sunday. A day of rest. And that it was in our house! This was the sight on the sofa most of the day while I caught up on laundry and such as well as taking full advantage of Friends now being on Netflix!!

5th Jan. Day 5.
Today was a day of getting more stuff done. I got another set of laundry out on the washing line (thank goodness for a milder but windy day - woohoo!) and some more bird fat balls made seeing as the birds keep visiting and I've had nothing left for them lately, plus it's officially Bird Day! If you'd like a cheaper alternative to buying pre-made bird seed and feeds I have a step by step post of the ones I make here.

6th Jan. Day 6.
We had to wait in today for a parcel that was coming so no exploring during daylight. However at 4 o'clock we (Baker and I) went to meet my Mam from work and were surprised to see two geese swimming around with the ducks and swans - I've never seen any in this particular area!

7th Jan. Day 7.
And then the winds came! My goodness, it was so windy today that it sounded like the house was gonna take off, Wizard of Oz style. Still, Baker and I ventured to the park and so I could attempt to get some kind of photo of our travels I took the camera in my backpack. I wanted to capture how strong the wind was somehow...but without my tripod this was all I could manage. I love evergreens though. Its lovely to see trees thriving between the leafless ones.

I can't quite believe that this is the 1st week over and done with. It has been a lot easier than I thought to get my daily photos and as long as I keep the project a main priority, I feel I'll be able to complete it well. Although I had planned to take, edit and upload separately I've actually found myself taking, editing and uploading each photo into this same post each day and it's working but I like that I have the option to edit the next day or something if I can't quite make into onto a computer.
Thanks for stopping by, feel free to click that follow button ;) and we'll see you next Thursday!