Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December // Week 50

I have slacked so much with picking up the camera the past two weeks and the photos have been last minute ones, though I don't think I've really done much that warranted taking a photo anyways.

This week I've spent part of it trying to stay out of the way while the British Gas guy came to fix the heating and part on the sofa binge watching Christmas movies I've never heard of and waiting for packages that don't seem to be coming.

Baker and I are running out of places to go for our walks now aswell as last Saturday he was surrounded by 3 hunting dogs and as one went for him I lifted him up. That prompted a tongue lashing from their owner telling me I was pathetic and that my dog needed socialized and not to take him along there anymore. We haven't been back which is a shame as little man loves running through the woods but we have been on muddy fields at quiet times and I love his little paw print.


  1. I'm so sorry you both got bullied on walkies; people are idiots! Hope your heating's fixed, I missed mine so much! X

  2. I love this photo! That sucks about the situation with the other dogs-and their stupid human. I hate to be hateful, especially this time of year, but jeeez....some people.


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