Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December // Week 49

What has become my absolute favorite purchase from Disneyland and something I have used everyday the past week, is my Chip and Dale ear muffs! It has gotten bitterly cold where we live (right on the very coast, next to river and sea) so going outside without at least 2 of everything on is impossible. I've been living in 3 pairs of socks, leggings, trousers, 3 tops, a hoodie and that's just in the house...
I'm not a one for hats, especially not when I have no make up on because unless I make an effort to straighten my hair and leave it down out of the hat, I'll look like a boy.

Other than becoming the Michelin man this week I have:
- Quit Twitter for a while.
- Delivered/posted my very own photographic Calendars out to customers.
- Moved all of our furniture from the back sitting room to the front. (It's smaller and warmer!)
- Had a trip to Newcastle with Mam. Got to see Fenwicks window, grab one or two inexpensive bits and get to catch up with two of my favorite people!
- Finished watching Fringe and I'm sad it's over.

3 weeks to go! :)


  1. Those earmuffs are too cute! :) And congrats again on the calendars.

  2. super cute, i don't see enough people wear earmuffs! As for twitter, I saw people send supportive tweets the other night and after reading your tweets (such a stalker) you shouldn't need to have a break. we all have different opinions and it would be boring if we didn't. nothing you said was offensive, it was silly really!


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