Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December // Week 52

We did it guys!!! 52 weeks! 1 photo per week for a full year.
I thought I'd end the year with a little family portrait just like last year, although obviously it's a little sad that with each year that passes our family has decreased. That will not happen next year! I will make sure of that and I'd love to add to it, even if Jake doesn't haha. Of course I mean a furbaby and not a child, because I don't think my views on that will change by 2015.

Like I said in today's post on the main blog, I'm super lucky to of been able to get these posts up because I'm currently dealing with a 'hard drive failure' on my laptop which has cost my too much on an external hard drive to save all of my 'stuff' and alot of time and effort to try and still be able to get up some content.

I haven't 100% decided on what next years project will be, though I will for sure be back on Underland 2 Wonderland to document my life in 2015. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them. See you soon and thank you for being here <3

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Love Danielle, Baker and Jake.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

December // Week 51

Christmas eve, and my penultimate photo.
I have said it a million times through the course of the past 51 weeks but I'll say it again - 2014 has flown! From starting off in a bad situation,Underland, and working our way to a beautiful house and better working situation for Jake, we're well on the way to our Wonderland happily ever after.

I bet you were expecting a fun filled festive photo today, showing preparations, presents and the like but instead is a shot from the far from Christmassy sunny weather we've been having. A walk around our towns famous walls in particular. As I stated in the last post, I don't feel comfortable going to our normal walking destination anymore and so have been going further a field and Baker loves to run around the rose gardens so we took a trip over there last Saturday. You would never believe it were Winter in Northumberland by looking at that sun! Even today as I type this the blinds have had to be shut for the amount of sunny glare on the TV and laptop screens.

Anyway, so as not to ramble on I want to wish all who read this little spin off blog, a very Merry Christmas. Remember, 'Christmas isn't about candy canes, holy, or lights all aglow. It's about the hearts that we touch and the care that we show.' Enjoy the company of your family and if you have to work, you are a star and are very much appreciated.  Until next week guys...the very end.

Ps. Today over on the main blog is a bunch of photos of our Seasonal Decor for this year. Check it out HERE and let me know what you think! :D

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December // Week 50

I have slacked so much with picking up the camera the past two weeks and the photos have been last minute ones, though I don't think I've really done much that warranted taking a photo anyways.

This week I've spent part of it trying to stay out of the way while the British Gas guy came to fix the heating and part on the sofa binge watching Christmas movies I've never heard of and waiting for packages that don't seem to be coming.

Baker and I are running out of places to go for our walks now aswell as last Saturday he was surrounded by 3 hunting dogs and as one went for him I lifted him up. That prompted a tongue lashing from their owner telling me I was pathetic and that my dog needed socialized and not to take him along there anymore. We haven't been back which is a shame as little man loves running through the woods but we have been on muddy fields at quiet times and I love his little paw print.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December // Week 49

What has become my absolute favorite purchase from Disneyland and something I have used everyday the past week, is my Chip and Dale ear muffs! It has gotten bitterly cold where we live (right on the very coast, next to river and sea) so going outside without at least 2 of everything on is impossible. I've been living in 3 pairs of socks, leggings, trousers, 3 tops, a hoodie and that's just in the house...
I'm not a one for hats, especially not when I have no make up on because unless I make an effort to straighten my hair and leave it down out of the hat, I'll look like a boy.

Other than becoming the Michelin man this week I have:
- Quit Twitter for a while.
- Delivered/posted my very own photographic Calendars out to customers.
- Moved all of our furniture from the back sitting room to the front. (It's smaller and warmer!)
- Had a trip to Newcastle with Mam. Got to see Fenwicks window, grab one or two inexpensive bits and get to catch up with two of my favorite people!
- Finished watching Fringe and I'm sad it's over.

3 weeks to go! :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December // Week 48

The final stretch! Now we're in the final month, with only 4 weeks to go and Christmas in 3, I thought it only fitting to share a photo of our little tree which I put up on the 1st.
I love to decorate - as you can probably tell after Halloween - but that is all that really interests me just now. Some people are far too excited and alot of them materialistic teens and young women. I only wish we could afford to spoil each other but I try to give to the less fortunate where I can and of course make sure Baker has a gift/s. Obviously, that is the least important thing about the season but you know.

Anyways, this post should have gone up this morning but the excitement of today's post on Underland To Wonderland being my 500th there got a little out of control and I lost track of time. Here it is anyways.

See you next week.