Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November // Week 47

The first robin of Winter! Well not the first, but the first I've actually been able to catch on camera. We've had a couple little guys visiting the garden to try out my homemade treats but they are too fast for me. I love seeing them anyways though. I'm slightly gutted because I'm putting together a 2015 Calendar of my wildlife photography and I cannot find the original file of one of the robin photos I wanted to use. Boo :(

Baker made a friend this week by the way. He's called Pepe and is a Portuguese dog, that was rescued by his owner who was in the Army in Germany, they moved to Spain and now live back here in the UK! What a well traveled dog eh?! It's just so awesome to see little man running and having fun with another doggy again.

Anyways, more on the calendar below. Feel free to get in contact via Twitter, Facebook or email . I need all orders by no later than midday 30th November!
(I am well aware of the typo on the graphic below also, so apologies for that)


  1. I love the green and red contrast in this photo! So pretty! What lens do you typically take your photos with? I love them!

    1. Thank you! It's pretty grainy 'cause it was so dull that the iso was pretty high - but oh well! Most of my photos are taken on a 70-300mm lens (and a broken camera! haha) Hoping to upgrade as soon as possible!



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