Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November // Week 45

I've been so busy filming, editing and uploading this, that I've left today's photo very late. However I didn't have many to choose from at all and infact everything that was on  my memory card was taken at the same beach as last weeks photo - including this one!

Baker adores his Granny and it's been a while since you've seen either of them, actually a long while...this was the last time! Quiet the weather change!

This week the house has been full of laundry because it has rained so much that we couldn't hang it out, Baker hasn't been a fan of that fact either and barked at me whenever I've tried to let him out for the toilet.
My Dad and I took the opportunity to go explore new places on, like Monday(?) and I'm gutted I didn't bother to take the camera then 'cause the fog was super spooky and we actually walked through here, which was extra spooky!

This weekend I'm off to Edinburgh for the day so I should get some different shots to share with you next week. Have a good one guys :)

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  1. Such a cute picture! I'm jealous that you're off to Edinburgh. I know you'll capture some amazing photos there! :)


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