Wednesday, 5 November 2014

November // Week 44

I finally got close enough to get a semi-good photo of one of these guys! It's well seen that Heron's are of green status because I see at least one everyday when passing the river or walking along the beach.
This was taken when Baker and I decided we'd had enough of the boring daily walk route on Saturday and took ourselves away across to the other side of town and Berwick pier beach in search of the dolphins! Sadly, I am still the only inhabitant of this blimin town that hasn't seen them arrgg!! We had a great Mammy/Doggy play date neither the less and little man slept for the rest of the day.
Sunday we ventured to another different beach too, approximately a 5 mile walk, accompanied by my Mam this time...I'm making the most of beach trips because it's getting so cold now that I dunno how much longer it'll be sensible to go.

Over those two trips I've taken some new shots of Baker and hope to post them on Underland to Wonderland soon.
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  1. Fab photo, they're such awesome birds. x

  2. Stunning shot! I've always loved Heron's, there is something about them. I love your photography Danielle! - Tasha xxx

  3. That's a wonderful image of the heron. I too keep looking for dolphins and haven't seen any! It does seem a long time waiting until Tavi can go out! Sarah x


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