Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November // Week 47

The first robin of Winter! Well not the first, but the first I've actually been able to catch on camera. We've had a couple little guys visiting the garden to try out my homemade treats but they are too fast for me. I love seeing them anyways though. I'm slightly gutted because I'm putting together a 2015 Calendar of my wildlife photography and I cannot find the original file of one of the robin photos I wanted to use. Boo :(

Baker made a friend this week by the way. He's called Pepe and is a Portuguese dog, that was rescued by his owner who was in the Army in Germany, they moved to Spain and now live back here in the UK! What a well traveled dog eh?! It's just so awesome to see little man running and having fun with another doggy again.

Anyways, more on the calendar below. Feel free to get in contact via Twitter, Facebook or email . I need all orders by no later than midday 30th November!
(I am well aware of the typo on the graphic below also, so apologies for that)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

November // Week 46

A quiet week was had by all, apart from a family trip to Edinburgh on Saturday. Mam, Dad and I got a super early train up, had a lovely walk through the gardens and up to the castle taking photos and then paid a visit to the Museum of Childhood and Camera Obscura.
Posts on our little day away will be going up on the other blog but probably not for at least two weeks as I have a jam packed schedule! Apart from my frustration with the crowds it was a nice day and I've never seen this castle from this angle before (taken from the roof of Camera Obscura), which was pretty magical. I don't know why I didn't realized Edinburgh was so close to the water! haha

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November // Week 45

I've been so busy filming, editing and uploading this, that I've left today's photo very late. However I didn't have many to choose from at all and infact everything that was on  my memory card was taken at the same beach as last weeks photo - including this one!

Baker adores his Granny and it's been a while since you've seen either of them, actually a long while...this was the last time! Quiet the weather change!

This week the house has been full of laundry because it has rained so much that we couldn't hang it out, Baker hasn't been a fan of that fact either and barked at me whenever I've tried to let him out for the toilet.
My Dad and I took the opportunity to go explore new places on, like Monday(?) and I'm gutted I didn't bother to take the camera then 'cause the fog was super spooky and we actually walked through here, which was extra spooky!

This weekend I'm off to Edinburgh for the day so I should get some different shots to share with you next week. Have a good one guys :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

November // Week 44

I finally got close enough to get a semi-good photo of one of these guys! It's well seen that Heron's are of green status because I see at least one everyday when passing the river or walking along the beach.
This was taken when Baker and I decided we'd had enough of the boring daily walk route on Saturday and took ourselves away across to the other side of town and Berwick pier beach in search of the dolphins! Sadly, I am still the only inhabitant of this blimin town that hasn't seen them arrgg!! We had a great Mammy/Doggy play date neither the less and little man slept for the rest of the day.
Sunday we ventured to another different beach too, approximately a 5 mile walk, accompanied by my Mam this time...I'm making the most of beach trips because it's getting so cold now that I dunno how much longer it'll be sensible to go.

Over those two trips I've taken some new shots of Baker and hope to post them on Underland to Wonderland soon.
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