Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October // Week 40

This week was awesome! Thursday, my friend Claire and I (along with Baker obviously) had another adventure in our home town, camera in tow and got a few cool shots that I want to leave that for a post on Underland to Wonderland in the coming weeks, so sorry this is not a sneek peek.
This is Laura. Saturday she made the trip up from Newcastle to visit our new home for the first time. I had such a fab day catching up with her, walking Baker, having lunch and she even met Mam and Dad for the first time who loved her! It's a shame we can't see each other as often as before, or just pop to the Metro Centre in the car for a last minute wander and natter, but it means such alot that she still makes an effort to keep in touch with me.
Her and Claire both got me the sweetest early birthday gifts too that just prove how special of a friend they each are to me when they put so much thought into it. Don't get me wrong, I don't need or want anything from anyone but I appreciate very, very much those that know me that well. If you two are reading this I am glad to have you in my life.


  1. Aww, it's great to have friends like Laura and Claire! I met my best friend, Lindsey, on the internet and I only met her and her family properly last year. It was amazing! (Baker is so cute!!) xx

  2. Wow! That is so cool! It must be a great story to tell people about how you met :)


  3. It's lovely that you guys still make the effort to keep in touch. How cute is Baker???

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. Definitely :) He can be a little bit cute when he wants to haha.


  4. Aww, it sounds like you have some great people in your life. And one pretty awesome dog! :D

  5. It really is amazing when we have such nice people in our lives! This is such a pretty photograph, I love it!!

    Inês x


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