Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October // Week 39

It's October!!! The best month! My birthday well as Halloween!
I have failed in taking many photos this week though. I have whipped the camera out a couple times in the house but haven't really gotten many great photos otherwise. I did however sit for a while photographing the birds eating in my back garden, though my favorites were portrait - so the one above was actually only taken today.
They are amazing to watch, apart from when there are 10 of them fighting to get a shot of the feed...I don't like to see that.

Another bird I wish I'd photographed this week is one you wouldn't expect to see in the wild around here. There was Cockateil! Can you believe it. I tried so hard to coax it down and catch it so I could at least try and find an owner but to no avail, which still upsets me today knowing that it probably won't last long all alone in the big wide world.

I've a fun filled week coming up so I'll try and remember to bring the camera along :) See you next Wednesday.


  1. There's so many good things about October. Halloween. It's closer to Christmas. Pumpkin season. Again Christmas.

    What type of bird is this?

    1. Haha, Do you like Christmas by any chance ;P
      I'm not a fan of the colder weather but definitely a list of good things comes with it!

      It's a Starling :)



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