Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October // Week 43

Okay, it's not quite yet but our house is in full Halloween mode and I'm so happy I finally got to decorate one year. I hopefully will never go another year without doing so as it's so pretty. If only I could leave it all up year round...If you want to see exactly what I'm all talking about (apart from my first ever Jack O Lanterns above) click here to see!

As for this week...I'm sorry to say I haven't picked up the camera much. Apart from blog related instances of course and I've been trying to catch up on myself and get some posts drafted hence not doing much else this week.
Mam and I did go for a little impromptu shopping trip to the Metro Centre on Saturday and met up with Laura for lunch which was nice.

So, like I always say, I'll try whip the camera out a little more and hopefully in more interesting surroundings next week. See you then!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October // Week 42

Where to start?! How on earth do I sum up my week in Disneyland Paris in one short paragraph?!
I don't know why, but of all my photos this has to be one of my favorites. The sun is shining, the Halloween decorations look especially amazing and the music was so perfect. I think I need to take the time in this post to share my appreciation for all the cast members from the parks and hotel. Not only are the characters super awesome and lovely towards people of all ages, abilities, races, sexes etc, the shop staff are caring, helpful and accommodating and the musicians are so talented it's unreal.
Apart from our communication difficulties on the first day and our overbooked flight coming home meaning an unwanted extra night, the time away in my homeland was...not to sound cliche...but magical.
I don't want to ramble here so I hope that you will continue to follow my journey over at the main blog as I have literally weeks worth of posts full of photos coming up for you!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October // Week 41

Today is Saturday and so I'm writing up this post early and scheduling it to post Wednesday as I'll be in Disneyland as you read this.
Despite the week only being half way done, it seems that getting closer to our trip away time has just disappeared - it's been a whirlwind. Probably the most important thing to mention is that after 10 weeks in the hospital, my Nana is finally home giving us at least a little piece of mind while we're away.
I had a mini early Birthday celebration yesterday (Friday) with the perfect cake made just for me, have finished packing, re-packing and quadruple checking my packing as well as going for one last play at the beach with my boy until I get back. The shot above was actually taken whilst on our way to the beach, passing the Lifeboat house and we spotted a couple of seals. I think there were 3, maybe 4 and one was gigantic...I'm a little gutted I hadn't thought to bring my bigger lens. Oh well.

I suppose that's it. Until next week, thanks for being here.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October // Week 40

This week was awesome! Thursday, my friend Claire and I (along with Baker obviously) had another adventure in our home town, camera in tow and got a few cool shots that I want to leave that for a post on Underland to Wonderland in the coming weeks, so sorry this is not a sneek peek.
This is Laura. Saturday she made the trip up from Newcastle to visit our new home for the first time. I had such a fab day catching up with her, walking Baker, having lunch and she even met Mam and Dad for the first time who loved her! It's a shame we can't see each other as often as before, or just pop to the Metro Centre in the car for a last minute wander and natter, but it means such alot that she still makes an effort to keep in touch with me.
Her and Claire both got me the sweetest early birthday gifts too that just prove how special of a friend they each are to me when they put so much thought into it. Don't get me wrong, I don't need or want anything from anyone but I appreciate very, very much those that know me that well. If you two are reading this I am glad to have you in my life.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October // Week 39

It's October!!! The best month! My birthday well as Halloween!
I have failed in taking many photos this week though. I have whipped the camera out a couple times in the house but haven't really gotten many great photos otherwise. I did however sit for a while photographing the birds eating in my back garden, though my favorites were portrait - so the one above was actually only taken today.
They are amazing to watch, apart from when there are 10 of them fighting to get a shot of the feed...I don't like to see that.

Another bird I wish I'd photographed this week is one you wouldn't expect to see in the wild around here. There was Cockateil! Can you believe it. I tried so hard to coax it down and catch it so I could at least try and find an owner but to no avail, which still upsets me today knowing that it probably won't last long all alone in the big wide world.

I've a fun filled week coming up so I'll try and remember to bring the camera along :) See you next Wednesday.