Wednesday, 24 September 2014

September // Week 38

So as not to sicken you too much of autumnal photos, here's a one of Baker and his Granny (my Mam) exploring instead.
This week is yet another that his just slipped through my fingers. I am losing track of what I'm doing week to week, though I have to admit most of the time lately my weeks consist of the same daily routines of housework, blogging, occasional hospital visits to see my Nana and going out walking with Baker.

However, you know it's only 19 days until we go to Disneyland Paris so there will be a Disney photo to come and break the boring loop of water, leaves and the dog. :P


  1. Don't think I could get sick of Autumn photos but Autumn photos are always better with a dog in them don't you think?! X

    1. Very true indeed! When I go through the photos I've taken each week you can guarantee there are at least half a dozen of Baker!


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