Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August // Week 33

Another Wednesday rolls around and another week has disappeared. As it does so,  it's taking summer with it too, however you'd never be able to tell that from this photo of a house sparrow having a midday snack in my parents rockery.
I've been leaving out food most days for the birds and it's been brilliant to watch them feed their young and enjoy the sun while scooping up some seeds.Most people wouldn't know that House Sparrows are actually of red status and their numbers were in decline, especially because they are everywhere here. I have more photos on my Facebook page, including the males feeding the youngsters which was pretty cool to see.

Other than that I've been finishing off sanding down this, which has taking more time than expected but is going to be so worth it! I should have it completely sanded and wiped down today, ready to start staining on Friday! Until next week :)

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  1. I can hardly believe summer is winding down already. I've been doing my best to enjoy every moment of warmth and sunshine while I can. Beautiful photo.

    Little Lady Little City


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