Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August // Week 32

Yes, I am an old lady in a young lady's body and right now I am very happy!
This week my mind has been preoccupied with hunting down a particular piece of furniture for the new place, as the photos shows that piece of furniture is a rocking chair and I finally got one!!
After seeing one in a charity shop last Friday, Jake went to go buy me it on the Saturday...but it was gone. Then the hunt was on! Chairty shops, antique shops, Facebook wanted/selling pages and someone tipped me off that the charity shop furthest away from where we are living had one! I called this morning and the lady was horribly rude to me, but I accept that they couldn't reserve it, so at 10am (after just coming off night shift and going to bed at 7) Jake got up and we walked the lovely 3.4 miles walk up to see if it was still there.


Just wait until you see what I do to this beauty! There will be a whole post on Underland to Wonderland about it's transformation, don't you worry. And no, I will not be painting it bloody white!


  1. Amazing. Like insanely jealous right now! I want to sit with you and read a book and rock the day away!

  2. My rocking chair is my pride & joy we also hunted around before I found mine!


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