Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August // Week 34

I had alot of photos to choose from this week but decided to keep it mysterious and vague. See this is a snap from a walk we took on Sunday to discover what will become (after Saturday) Baker's new walk route and it's lush!
I'll share the rest of the photos on the other blog in due course.

Other things worth mentioning are:
This is my 400th photo/post on this blog!
Baker turned 2!
I did the Ice Bucket Challenge (like the rest of the world).
And we're packed and ready to roll! 3 days to go!

Catch you next Wednesday!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August // Week 33

Another Wednesday rolls around and another week has disappeared. As it does so,  it's taking summer with it too, however you'd never be able to tell that from this photo of a house sparrow having a midday snack in my parents rockery.
I've been leaving out food most days for the birds and it's been brilliant to watch them feed their young and enjoy the sun while scooping up some seeds.Most people wouldn't know that House Sparrows are actually of red status and their numbers were in decline, especially because they are everywhere here. I have more photos on my Facebook page, including the males feeding the youngsters which was pretty cool to see.

Other than that I've been finishing off sanding down this, which has taking more time than expected but is going to be so worth it! I should have it completely sanded and wiped down today, ready to start staining on Friday! Until next week :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August // Week 32

Yes, I am an old lady in a young lady's body and right now I am very happy!
This week my mind has been preoccupied with hunting down a particular piece of furniture for the new place, as the photos shows that piece of furniture is a rocking chair and I finally got one!!
After seeing one in a charity shop last Friday, Jake went to go buy me it on the Saturday...but it was gone. Then the hunt was on! Chairty shops, antique shops, Facebook wanted/selling pages and someone tipped me off that the charity shop furthest away from where we are living had one! I called this morning and the lady was horribly rude to me, but I accept that they couldn't reserve it, so at 10am (after just coming off night shift and going to bed at 7) Jake got up and we walked the lovely 3.4 miles walk up to see if it was still there.


Just wait until you see what I do to this beauty! There will be a whole post on Underland to Wonderland about it's transformation, don't you worry. And no, I will not be painting it bloody white!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

August // Week 31

First up, get in! Another red status bird under my collar! Say hello to my pair of juvenile Dunlins! From far away I though these guys were Curlew Sandpipers which upon researching are extremely similar but I'm pretty confident that they are actually Dunlins from the length of their beak. Just look how lovely their colouring is! They were rather friendly too and not too afraid of me getting within 5 feet or so to get this snap - Yey!

Secondly, sorry that alot of my recent photos are at the beach or include water...we do live in a very lovely coastal town after all and have been spending alot of time enjoying the summer, and that is when I been using my camera the most. I'm a little disappointing that I haven't been one of the lucky ones to spot the recent passing orca and dolphin pods though as there are apparently some bottle-nose dolphins, white beaked dolphins and killer whales along our coastline!

Lastly, I'm going to be switching up the layout/banner/design of this little space shortly and you may of spotted the URL change already. I want something that can identify this as my 2nd blog, the spin off of Underland to Wonderland as well as my photography page on Facebook Underland to Wonderland Photography (which you can feel free to give a like for a heck of alot more photos! ;P), so keep an eye out for the updates.
I also want to add a quick thank you and welcome to all my recent new followers as you have been joining more recently. I hope you're enjoying my 2014 weekly photo diary! Shall I go back to a project 365 for 2015...or keep up with the weekly posts??? I'd love to know your thoughts!