Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July // Week 30

Week 30 and we're on full seaside townspeople mode! Jakes new hobby is filling many spare moments when he isn't working (which this past week was 72 hours..!) and it's cool with me because Baker and I can come too. Him and Dad have been down at the river and sea a few times over the last few weeks which is nice for them to get some time away from Mam and I's nagging.
On this fishing trip I got to photograph some birds, that aren't commonly seen up my neck of the woods, as they dived and fed on the mackerel that the men were trying to catch. They we're gannets! I was going to make them this weeks photo but I think this one sums up the weekend better.

We also had a house viewing this week. The first one since moving and actually the we are moving in on the 30th! Just wait until you see it!! It has a bay window <3 haha Until next week go have a peek at the photos from my charity dog walk HERE!

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