Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July // Week 29

A more normal week this week with no trips anywhere or doing anything out of the our normal routine, apart from Mam and I completing our 4th annual Race for Life 5k at Newcastle. However, I didn't get any photos this year because I lugged my camera around in my bag for no reason after forgetting the battery. Typical! ha

I've had a couple failed photo opportunities with the rabbits this week because of disrespectful people letting their dogs chase them right as they saw me sat there for ages with a huge camera but we actually saw something we haven't seen before here.
As you can see from above we spotted a female red deer with her fawns (there were two but there's obviously only one in the photo) and I was very excited. I'm a little gutted that even with the lens on 300mm this is the best I could get as they were so far away and I couldn't get any closer for the sake of spooking them. Never mind! Hopefully we'll see them again.

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  1. This is such a lovely photo! :D


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