Wednesday, 16 July 2014

July // Week 28

Goodness I almost completely forgot it was Wednesday today!
It's not like I'm lacking in photos to post either as like the past 3 weeks of us living back in Berwick I've had the camera out most days.

However one of the biggest events is that a certain little man is now swimming! :D He's always been a fan of the water, paddling and jumping waves and such but hes never took his feet off the bottom. With alot of reassurance and coaxing out with sticks thrown, he's done it! I'm very proud.
We've been at this different end of the beach by the mouth of the river a few times now. Jake and Dad have been fishing, I've been scouring for beach glass and Baker has been swimming.

Other than that I've just been blogging, photographing, taking online surveys to make a few pennies and trying to work out how I can make a proper income without having to leave's impossible. I feel a little useless just now and self esteem isn't at it's highest with bad stressy skin and a weight increase due to bordom eating but I'm working on improving my attitude - everyone has down seasons.

As always make sure to check out the other blog as there are sooo many photography posts going up over there.

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