Wednesday, 2 July 2014

July // Week 26

Week 26?! We're exactly half way through the year! :O
This Saturday will mark the two week mark of our relocation and not a day has gone past that I haven't taken a photo. The wildlife photography opportunities up here are immense and I can't believe I ever lived somewhere the deprived me of fulfilling my passion.
Along with following my little bunny family (see last weeks photo) I've also been to visit these ladies and babies a couple times, photographing them and realizing their personalities. I have a really cool new series of posts coming up on Underland to Wonderland spotlighting a particular animal species, sharing my photos and compiling facts that people may not know about them.

Other than my photographing adventures I have actually started my first free online course (I have another 3 starting soon too haha) which I thought was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and keep me busy while Jake is at work. I've spent alot of time with Baker obviously and have thoroughly enjoyed the glorious sunshine we've been blessed with.
We're hoping to go buy a hose today so that I can fill up little mans paddling pool too. :)

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