Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June // Week 25

Today's photo is the first of many taken out of the city. That's right, the move is over and done with - thank goodness - and in the 4.5 short days that we've been here I've seen more wildlife than I have in over 7 months in Fawdon.
We moved on Saturday and it's just starting to sink in that we don't need to worry about safety due to mental neighbours anymore. Baker is in his element with all the walks, Jake has started work on Monday and seems to be settling in quickly and I'm happy about all the photo opportunities.
These are two of a litter of 5 (of what I have seen) wild rabbits and I've been going to check on them everyday. Mammy bunny isn't around often, infact I've only seen her once and the little guys are so much smaller than the photo makes them seem, so I wish I could of gotten a little rabbit family portrait to show the perspective.

Anyways, I'm off to write up some blog posts for Underland to Wonderland. Lots of photo posts coming your way over there - keep watch!

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  1. Oh they're so gorgeous, there's a family of wild bunnies near us and I check on them regularly ^.^
    I'm glad the move went well and that you feel safer <3


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