Thursday, 12 June 2014

June // Week 23

So some of you might realize that it's Thursday today. Gosh darn it! It totally slipped my mind that I had my weekly photo to post yesterday! I've so much going on in my head getting things sorted for moving that I just totally forgot about it and I'm gutted, I had the photo edited and ready to post and everything.

Anyways, this week has flown (thank goodness!) it's getting to the point now that I only have two shifts left at work and I just can't wait to finish as it means I get to leave this hell hole of a flat quicker. I've already packed up the books, dvds, ornaments and photo frames as well as all my art supplies and board games.

As for the photo, this is from my 'leaving day out' so to speak where the friends I've made over the past couple of years got together and we took a trip into town. We visited the Hancock museum for the Magical Worlds exhibition and went to see 22 Jump Street at the cinema. It was a good day :) You'll see alot more photos from it on Underland to Wonderland tomorrow, so make sure to stop by and check it out!

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