Wednesday, 4 June 2014

June // Week 22

With my parents having been on holiday in Ibiza this past week I think the time feels as if it's been going slower. I'm used to picking up the phone around twice a day for a chat with them and although we've had 3 or 4 webcam chats it's not quite the same.
That with the fact that moving day is creeping closer and that I am dying to get started packing has most certainly made the week drag. Besides work, we've watched quite a few movies, sorted through the DVD and CD collections, caught up on some washing (although it appears as quick as it's done in this house!) and tried to use up some of my baking ingredients as I'm not trailing them with the move and don't want them to be wasted.
Above are chocolate muffins with chocolate butter cream, topped with a square of Galaxy chocolate! Doubt they will last long... haha
Alot of indoor activities due to a wet front with the weather this week. Lets hope next weekend stays dry for our charity event. For more info click here and to sponsor us click here!

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  1. My tummy's rumbling now; these look lush! I've saved a note in my phone to sponsor Baker but it's come round really quick all of a sudden, will pop and do it now :) x


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