Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May // Week 19

Another last minute photo taken at the end of the week right as I need a photo. But this time it's not because I didn't take any during the week!
I've taken photos of my homemade chips (fries) and the biscuits I baked for Baker! Jake also tried to help me photograph the fork lightening storm last night...though it didn't quite work out.

Today Jake had a really bad headache and I felt all stuffy. So after a morning stuck in the flat with an unsettled pup we thought we'd head out in search of new (play)lands and enjoy the sun. We discovered some cool new grassy places for Baker to play and even had a game of frizbee while he had a lay down in the shade.

Now it's back home and back to trying to build up some draft posts for Underland to Wonderland. 

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  1. Sounds and looks fun :D!


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