Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April // Week 17

Well better late than never I suppose. What a hassle I've had today to try and get a photo for this project!! All week I haven't had the opportunity to get a good photo as I've been trying to get the sunset. I'm usually at work at the time it sets though so I've been taking my camera in the hope I'd catch it. One night I forgot the memory card and another we were a half hour late getting out so I missed it again.
It got to today and I realized I still didn't have a photo so my real life absinthe the caterpillar stepped in.
Everyone knows I don't condone drink, drugs or smoke but I still think it's pretty cool how Jake can make rings with his smoke, plus it's technically water vapor!

Today I got to catch up with my friend Laura and have a mozie around the Metrocentre, last night I had a bad asthma attack at work and made myself ill and the beginning of the week I spent deep cleaning the that's pretty much it.

This time I actually pinky promise a better photo for next week as this weekend Baker and I are going to visit my Mam and Dad :)

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  1. really cool picture!!!


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