Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April // Week 16

So I'm a little disappointed this week. Because, there was actually a grey squirrel in the tree outback of our place!! I'm not disappointed that it was there but as I didn't managed to catch it on camera. Ahh!! Worst wildlife photographer ever.
Anyways when going through my SD card to edit todays photo I found that other than photos of Baker I had only taken two photos of birds. So this is why you've got one of the worst photos of a bird I've ever taken for week 16. It was also taken on the only day this week that had really rubbish weather, foggy and mizzly and I had to walk to work in it.

This week was Easter! And apart from working and being ill it was pretty quiet for us. Baker got some brilliant gifts, his prizes arrived from the Pet Pawtraits competition and we had to buy him a replacement of the best ball ever (that he's had since we got him) because some poohead kids stole it from in front of us at the field!

I'll make more effort for next week!


  1. Squirrels don't sit in one place for long. And if he has come there, then in all probability he will visit again, and you have your second chance :-)

  2. I love the colours in this picture. Sarah x


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