Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April // Week 14

Everyone is saying how fast the year is going but when I come on to do this every week I realize that it isn't really. It's only week 14 out of 52! Plus I have another 27 weeks until Disneyland!!! Boooo! haha
Although we are another week closer to Easter which is exciting. It's technically Bakers 2nd Easter but we didn't celebrate his first so we've gone all out for this. I have made up a little basket of goodies for him and am excited to see his reaction.
From the photo above you can see I've been getting creative in the kitchen for the Springtime, though it was meant to be a surprise post for my other blog. I suppose it's okay for the few of you that follow both to get a sneeky you can't guess what it is :P!

In other news, we now have two horses(!!!)  living out back of our place on the communal grass. This place just gets curiouser and curiouser by the minute. They look in good health though and have been tended to regularly, the council are aware lets just hope it's a quick fix until they find a more permanent, suitable home.

I am now linking this blog with my other blog's Facebook page too so to be kept updated of new posts if you don't have GFC or Bloglovin' you can just go click 'like' and you'll be in the loop ;)

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