Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April // Week 17

Well better late than never I suppose. What a hassle I've had today to try and get a photo for this project!! All week I haven't had the opportunity to get a good photo as I've been trying to get the sunset. I'm usually at work at the time it sets though so I've been taking my camera in the hope I'd catch it. One night I forgot the memory card and another we were a half hour late getting out so I missed it again.
It got to today and I realized I still didn't have a photo so my real life absinthe the caterpillar stepped in.
Everyone knows I don't condone drink, drugs or smoke but I still think it's pretty cool how Jake can make rings with his smoke, plus it's technically water vapor!

Today I got to catch up with my friend Laura and have a mozie around the Metrocentre, last night I had a bad asthma attack at work and made myself ill and the beginning of the week I spent deep cleaning the that's pretty much it.

This time I actually pinky promise a better photo for next week as this weekend Baker and I are going to visit my Mam and Dad :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April // Week 16

So I'm a little disappointed this week. Because, there was actually a grey squirrel in the tree outback of our place!! I'm not disappointed that it was there but as I didn't managed to catch it on camera. Ahh!! Worst wildlife photographer ever.
Anyways when going through my SD card to edit todays photo I found that other than photos of Baker I had only taken two photos of birds. So this is why you've got one of the worst photos of a bird I've ever taken for week 16. It was also taken on the only day this week that had really rubbish weather, foggy and mizzly and I had to walk to work in it.

This week was Easter! And apart from working and being ill it was pretty quiet for us. Baker got some brilliant gifts, his prizes arrived from the Pet Pawtraits competition and we had to buy him a replacement of the best ball ever (that he's had since we got him) because some poohead kids stole it from in front of us at the field!

I'll make more effort for next week!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April // Week 15

This photo makes me very happy indeed. I know Baker doesn't look ecstatic but it's because we asked him to sit still for 2 minutes to get a photo haha! He had such a great day at the beach on Friday, as did we.

I've been working hard to get ahead of the blogging game and build up some draft posts but it seems that they disappear quicker than imagined. Apart from our day out with my Mam it's been a pretty regular week, working and cleaning and blogging.
Although, we did finally get our order put in for our competition win! I'm so excited for it to arrive.

I've nothing else much to say except - yey for the sunshine!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April // Week 14

Everyone is saying how fast the year is going but when I come on to do this every week I realize that it isn't really. It's only week 14 out of 52! Plus I have another 27 weeks until Disneyland!!! Boooo! haha
Although we are another week closer to Easter which is exciting. It's technically Bakers 2nd Easter but we didn't celebrate his first so we've gone all out for this. I have made up a little basket of goodies for him and am excited to see his reaction.
From the photo above you can see I've been getting creative in the kitchen for the Springtime, though it was meant to be a surprise post for my other blog. I suppose it's okay for the few of you that follow both to get a sneeky you can't guess what it is :P!

In other news, we now have two horses(!!!)  living out back of our place on the communal grass. This place just gets curiouser and curiouser by the minute. They look in good health though and have been tended to regularly, the council are aware lets just hope it's a quick fix until they find a more permanent, suitable home.

I am now linking this blog with my other blog's Facebook page too so to be kept updated of new posts if you don't have GFC or Bloglovin' you can just go click 'like' and you'll be in the loop ;)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April // Week 13

After the bombshell that last week ended on, my roller coaster ride of a life took a turn for the up this week.
Not only did I receive countless words of encouragement from friends and bloggers alike, a very good friend brought me a card and flowers which touched me. Thank you Gemma.

I worked hard all week to keep busy and try to forget and after my long Saturday shift finished at 19.45, I got the train straight up to my parents over 60 miles north. After my amazing Mam fed me, I had a bath and went to bed so as to be up early for my photo shoot the next day. This was no regular shoot. Actually one of my favorite to do, a dog shoot and was a prize package for the winners of my 'Prettiest Pup' competition that had been held on my Facebook photography page.

Not only was this a lovely time but I also got to spend Mothers Day with my Mam and Nana which was exactly what I needed after a sad week.

I chose this photo as I feel there is a slight 'shot on film' look to it even though it was only my DSLR. I think it's because the weather was so mizzly and foggy but I think it looks cool anyways. (Especially the tiny flicks of water I caught coming from his paws) There will be a post on my other blog with the rest of the set, however my post with the rest of the photos mentioned last week is now live. You can see them here.