Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March // Week 9

This week has been the most eventful all year! As I said in last weeks post, we were off work Monday-Monday and so decided to have some late birthday celebrations for Jake.
Thursday we took the bus down to Durham and Jake experienced Beamish Open Air Museum for the first time ever. It was an really lovely day spent together and I'm very lucky that my Mam was nice enough to come down to look after the anipals while we were away.
Friday was the proper b-day gift was a tour of St James Stadium on the Friday of which we met up with my Dad for. It was really interesting, despite my asthma attack on the way, and we had a lovely meal courtesy of my Dad :)
After two action packed days we had a lazy weekend ready for heading back to work on Monday!

You may not have realized, but I haven't actually gone back and uploaded a photo for last week. That is because all the photos I took that week got mysteriously deleted from my camera before I even put them on the laptop! (Not mysteriously, I deleted them to make space for Beamish without even thinking)
So here is a bonus photo today!

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