Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March // Week 12

As weeks go this has by far been the fastest, but probably because time flies when you're having fun I guess. That is a little hard to write now though seeing as my week has come to a standstill with the absolutely devastating loss of Bunny. It's with a very, very, heavy heart that I have to inform you of his passing this morning and he was cremated this afternoon but what has eased the pain ever so slightly is the immense support from so many of my twitter/facebook/blogging family so thank you.

Not to forget the amazing week I've had I want to tell you what I got up.
First up some amazing news is that Baker and I actually won the competition I entered last weeks photo in! We found out yesterday, after a looongg shift at work and I'm over the moon that our effort was recognized.

Before that however another awesome day was Sunday when I got up the guts to go and meet a fellow blogger...I couldn't of picked a sweeter girl! We had such a lovely day, I felt very comfortable in her company and there were no awkward moments. Stateside was an obvious port of call for a bite to eat, alongside a yummy milkshake, after a pop into a couple of shops. Then we had a walk around the stunning Leazes Park, blessed with fantastic sunshine, taking photos. This is one of many that will be on my blog soon!

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