Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February // Week 6

In a quest to get more photos of Bunny our house rabbit and try to be more artistic with my camera, the other night this happened. Just playing about with Bunny in the living room and taking some photos got me agitated because of the lighting and his speed I couldnt get anything I liked. Jake suggested some settings, with the flash on 'bulb' and we mucked about with the light from the TV (can you tell Jake was on his usual Fifa. Thats the green..) to get this kind of thing.

Not much to say about this week particularly. Worked the same shift as last week, switched about my living room and done my weekly big clean as well as Baker and I playing football on our daily walks at the park.
It snowed yesterday too (Tuesday) for the first time this winter but thankfully only a centimeter or so lay and was pretty much gone by this morning.

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