Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Best of 2013 // Project 365 Review

Today is Janurary 1st 2014. Exactly one year since my crazy idea of trying to take, edit and upload a photograph to this blog everyday for a full year.
Many times I've attempted to take part in such projects but this year has been the first year I have succeeded in completing everyday of every month - a full project 365.

Although rather difficult at times, having to overcome having no wifi in the home after moving or being away from my laptop and hence no photoshop, this photo diary has been way more beneficial than I ever thought. I've got a photo from everyday of the past year with a description of what I got up to that day and that is one of the biggest and best documents of my life I have. 
Here I have picked (or tried to settle on) the best image from each month with a little summary for each month. 
Thank you for being here and helping this project reaching 20,000+ views this year :D

January   was spent doing lots of walking with Baker as he grew and alot more nature photography than the latter of the year. I actually caught this beautiful Roe Deer at the Gosforth Nature Park and can only hope to photograph something as wild and natural again in the future.

February   we got out and about in the car. Making the most of our location and enjoying everywhere from Whitley Bay, Seaton Deleval and Cullercoats beaches to Redcar (for a Skate jam in memory of a lost friend of Jakes) and Northumberlandia  land form, the largest female figure land form in the world near Cramlington. We also joined in on the internet craze that went down that month, the Harlem Shake!

March   - a slow month of job applying and being a home body, allowed me to spend quality time with my animals and  take what I didn't know would end up being the very last photo of our little Nike </3 I also got to visit my home town and have a nice walk at Cocklawburn beach with my Dad and B-man. It was the month I started to become more ill too and have lots of tests at the doctors, including a chest xray, an ECG scan, breathing and blood test...with no results.

April   came and kicked us in the teeth with the sudden and devastating death of our youngest rabbit Nike on April Fools day of all days and the death of my car too! Nike left a big hole in our little family and left me as the only female in the house. Bunny struggled with shock the first few days and we feared we were going to lose him too but lots of attention, cuddles, water and sunlight he came round. The car meant so much to me too, as it had been my Grandas previously - I cried as the man who bought it came to collect it.

May  brought the sunshine, fun in the sea and I took one of the cutest photo of Bunny ever! This was, sadly our last month in Blyth. The proximity to the beach, wooden walks and things to do that interested us was perfect for us but the need for work meant leaving to be nearer the city center.

June   was super busy! We were unpacking and sorting the new house in Byker out, hanging out with friends and family and I photographed these birds in the tree in our back garden having a squabble and my cousin before her prom. I got bit by a dog and ended up on antibiotics after a hospital visit aswell which took the shine off of the fun.

July  it got hot! It was a month spent sitting  in the garden with my feet in a tub of cold water and a big bowl of lettuce, carrot and cucumber or playing in the paddling pool with Baker! I did alot of home cooking, baking and cleaning too with my new (at the time) steam cleaner. Jake and I got to visit a Roman Fort for a date day as my parents were down to watch the dog then Baker, Mam and I completed the 2013 Race For Life the next day :)

August.  Bakers birthday month was filled with lots of, well, Baker! He met my friends from the course I was on and milked the attention completely, he went his first ever proper train journey with me to Berwick, he played with his Minnie Mouse with my Nana and had a fab birthday party with doggy cupcakes and bunting galore. This month also happened to be the month I signed a new work contract! I got my current job after finishing the pre-employment course :)

September   arrived and the summer seemed to of disappeared over night. If that wasn't bad enough I was diagnosed with asthma and given an inhaler to try out (it isn't strong enough but I still haven't been back to the doctors...). Unfortunately things do come in threes because this was the month that I kind of, sort of, failed the project! The cute pets, beautiful skies and the winning of another competition made up for it though.

October  was full of being spoilt as it was my birthday month this time and also the month Jake landed his job too! We ate well having pizza and even going for a meal together to celebrate his news. The gifts I received were overwhelming, I was so grateful to my family and new friends, then continued the fun with my work friends when we all dressed up for the Halloween shift. The beginning of the month sucked for little man as he had his big boy operation but by the end of it he was back running around like the nutter he is.

November.  A month of good news and good deeds! We got the news that the new flat was for sure a go ahead and moved in by the end of the month, which was of course the best news, getting away from a place that definitely lives up to its reputation. A highlight, fab moment was seeing this years Fenwicks Christmas window on unveiling day and taking lots of cool photos, as well as meeting up with an old friend I hadn't seen since high school!! In preparation for Christmas and seeing as I hadn't done any charity events other than the Race for Life, I put together a big hamper for my local PDSA and also had alot of fun doing the shoe box appeal.

December  is almost over as I write this and I can't express to you how much I appreciate having had partaken in this project. It's so amazing to be able to look back and see exactly what we have been up to on a certain day and have milestones and good days marked. I particularly enjoyed decorating for the festive season this year with having a mantel piece haha and although Jake and I's Christmas was eventful/horrible the days after spent with my parents ended the year on an up.

Pheww! If you got through all of that and are reading this - congratulations! Leave me a comment telling me how awesome you are for reading my dribble, your favorite photo I've taken or you could even tell me your favorite moments from 2013 :) 


  1. Well done in completing your 365 project we've loved it ( Dad an I ) and we are going to miss seeing your daily pics :)

  2. I love your pictures, and the idea! For 2014 I copied your project and want to take a picture a day as well.


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