Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January // Week 4

'' This weeks photo is my Mam with our lush milkshakes at the Stateside diner in Newcastle. I had a milkbar one and Mam had the chocolate fudge one. YUM!

This week seems a blur looking back on it and I'm not 100% what we actually got up to! On Monday my friend Gemma came around to play some board games and have dinner and then yesterday morning I took Bunny along on the metro to Pets at Home to get his nails cut (so he would hate the vet instead of me haha) and we popped into work so he could visit my boss who loves rabbits.
Oh, I had yet another re-jigg of my design on Underland to Wonderland too if you'd like to have a Disney Collection was published there this morning aswell if you wanna see that!

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