Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December // Week 52

We did it guys!!! 52 weeks! 1 photo per week for a full year.
I thought I'd end the year with a little family portrait just like last year, although obviously it's a little sad that with each year that passes our family has decreased. That will not happen next year! I will make sure of that and I'd love to add to it, even if Jake doesn't haha. Of course I mean a furbaby and not a child, because I don't think my views on that will change by 2015.

Like I said in today's post on the main blog, I'm super lucky to of been able to get these posts up because I'm currently dealing with a 'hard drive failure' on my laptop which has cost my too much on an external hard drive to save all of my 'stuff' and alot of time and effort to try and still be able to get up some content.

I haven't 100% decided on what next years project will be, though I will for sure be back on Underland 2 Wonderland to document my life in 2015. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them. See you soon and thank you for being here <3

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Love Danielle, Baker and Jake.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

December // Week 51

Christmas eve, and my penultimate photo.
I have said it a million times through the course of the past 51 weeks but I'll say it again - 2014 has flown! From starting off in a bad situation,Underland, and working our way to a beautiful house and better working situation for Jake, we're well on the way to our Wonderland happily ever after.

I bet you were expecting a fun filled festive photo today, showing preparations, presents and the like but instead is a shot from the far from Christmassy sunny weather we've been having. A walk around our towns famous walls in particular. As I stated in the last post, I don't feel comfortable going to our normal walking destination anymore and so have been going further a field and Baker loves to run around the rose gardens so we took a trip over there last Saturday. You would never believe it were Winter in Northumberland by looking at that sun! Even today as I type this the blinds have had to be shut for the amount of sunny glare on the TV and laptop screens.

Anyway, so as not to ramble on I want to wish all who read this little spin off blog, a very Merry Christmas. Remember, 'Christmas isn't about candy canes, holy, or lights all aglow. It's about the hearts that we touch and the care that we show.' Enjoy the company of your family and if you have to work, you are a star and are very much appreciated.  Until next week guys...the very end.

Ps. Today over on the main blog is a bunch of photos of our Seasonal Decor for this year. Check it out HERE and let me know what you think! :D

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December // Week 50

I have slacked so much with picking up the camera the past two weeks and the photos have been last minute ones, though I don't think I've really done much that warranted taking a photo anyways.

This week I've spent part of it trying to stay out of the way while the British Gas guy came to fix the heating and part on the sofa binge watching Christmas movies I've never heard of and waiting for packages that don't seem to be coming.

Baker and I are running out of places to go for our walks now aswell as last Saturday he was surrounded by 3 hunting dogs and as one went for him I lifted him up. That prompted a tongue lashing from their owner telling me I was pathetic and that my dog needed socialized and not to take him along there anymore. We haven't been back which is a shame as little man loves running through the woods but we have been on muddy fields at quiet times and I love his little paw print.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December // Week 49

What has become my absolute favorite purchase from Disneyland and something I have used everyday the past week, is my Chip and Dale ear muffs! It has gotten bitterly cold where we live (right on the very coast, next to river and sea) so going outside without at least 2 of everything on is impossible. I've been living in 3 pairs of socks, leggings, trousers, 3 tops, a hoodie and that's just in the house...
I'm not a one for hats, especially not when I have no make up on because unless I make an effort to straighten my hair and leave it down out of the hat, I'll look like a boy.

Other than becoming the Michelin man this week I have:
- Quit Twitter for a while.
- Delivered/posted my very own photographic Calendars out to customers.
- Moved all of our furniture from the back sitting room to the front. (It's smaller and warmer!)
- Had a trip to Newcastle with Mam. Got to see Fenwicks window, grab one or two inexpensive bits and get to catch up with two of my favorite people!
- Finished watching Fringe and I'm sad it's over.

3 weeks to go! :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December // Week 48

The final stretch! Now we're in the final month, with only 4 weeks to go and Christmas in 3, I thought it only fitting to share a photo of our little tree which I put up on the 1st.
I love to decorate - as you can probably tell after Halloween - but that is all that really interests me just now. Some people are far too excited and alot of them materialistic teens and young women. I only wish we could afford to spoil each other but I try to give to the less fortunate where I can and of course make sure Baker has a gift/s. Obviously, that is the least important thing about the season but you know.

Anyways, this post should have gone up this morning but the excitement of today's post on Underland To Wonderland being my 500th there got a little out of control and I lost track of time. Here it is anyways.

See you next week.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November // Week 47

The first robin of Winter! Well not the first, but the first I've actually been able to catch on camera. We've had a couple little guys visiting the garden to try out my homemade treats but they are too fast for me. I love seeing them anyways though. I'm slightly gutted because I'm putting together a 2015 Calendar of my wildlife photography and I cannot find the original file of one of the robin photos I wanted to use. Boo :(

Baker made a friend this week by the way. He's called Pepe and is a Portuguese dog, that was rescued by his owner who was in the Army in Germany, they moved to Spain and now live back here in the UK! What a well traveled dog eh?! It's just so awesome to see little man running and having fun with another doggy again.

Anyways, more on the calendar below. Feel free to get in contact via Twitter, Facebook or email . I need all orders by no later than midday 30th November!
(I am well aware of the typo on the graphic below also, so apologies for that)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

November // Week 46

A quiet week was had by all, apart from a family trip to Edinburgh on Saturday. Mam, Dad and I got a super early train up, had a lovely walk through the gardens and up to the castle taking photos and then paid a visit to the Museum of Childhood and Camera Obscura.
Posts on our little day away will be going up on the other blog but probably not for at least two weeks as I have a jam packed schedule! Apart from my frustration with the crowds it was a nice day and I've never seen this castle from this angle before (taken from the roof of Camera Obscura), which was pretty magical. I don't know why I didn't realized Edinburgh was so close to the water! haha

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November // Week 45

I've been so busy filming, editing and uploading this, that I've left today's photo very late. However I didn't have many to choose from at all and infact everything that was on  my memory card was taken at the same beach as last weeks photo - including this one!

Baker adores his Granny and it's been a while since you've seen either of them, actually a long while...this was the last time! Quiet the weather change!

This week the house has been full of laundry because it has rained so much that we couldn't hang it out, Baker hasn't been a fan of that fact either and barked at me whenever I've tried to let him out for the toilet.
My Dad and I took the opportunity to go explore new places on, like Monday(?) and I'm gutted I didn't bother to take the camera then 'cause the fog was super spooky and we actually walked through here, which was extra spooky!

This weekend I'm off to Edinburgh for the day so I should get some different shots to share with you next week. Have a good one guys :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

November // Week 44

I finally got close enough to get a semi-good photo of one of these guys! It's well seen that Heron's are of green status because I see at least one everyday when passing the river or walking along the beach.
This was taken when Baker and I decided we'd had enough of the boring daily walk route on Saturday and took ourselves away across to the other side of town and Berwick pier beach in search of the dolphins! Sadly, I am still the only inhabitant of this blimin town that hasn't seen them arrgg!! We had a great Mammy/Doggy play date neither the less and little man slept for the rest of the day.
Sunday we ventured to another different beach too, approximately a 5 mile walk, accompanied by my Mam this time...I'm making the most of beach trips because it's getting so cold now that I dunno how much longer it'll be sensible to go.

Over those two trips I've taken some new shots of Baker and hope to post them on Underland to Wonderland soon.
If you wanna check out some of my photography from Disneyland the following posts are up and ready to view, hope you enjoy -
Disney Dreams Spectacular
Disneyland Halloween Decor

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October // Week 43

Okay, it's not quite yet but our house is in full Halloween mode and I'm so happy I finally got to decorate one year. I hopefully will never go another year without doing so as it's so pretty. If only I could leave it all up year round...If you want to see exactly what I'm all talking about (apart from my first ever Jack O Lanterns above) click here to see!

As for this week...I'm sorry to say I haven't picked up the camera much. Apart from blog related instances of course and I've been trying to catch up on myself and get some posts drafted hence not doing much else this week.
Mam and I did go for a little impromptu shopping trip to the Metro Centre on Saturday and met up with Laura for lunch which was nice.

So, like I always say, I'll try whip the camera out a little more and hopefully in more interesting surroundings next week. See you then!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October // Week 42

Where to start?! How on earth do I sum up my week in Disneyland Paris in one short paragraph?!
I don't know why, but of all my photos this has to be one of my favorites. The sun is shining, the Halloween decorations look especially amazing and the music was so perfect. I think I need to take the time in this post to share my appreciation for all the cast members from the parks and hotel. Not only are the characters super awesome and lovely towards people of all ages, abilities, races, sexes etc, the shop staff are caring, helpful and accommodating and the musicians are so talented it's unreal.
Apart from our communication difficulties on the first day and our overbooked flight coming home meaning an unwanted extra night, the time away in my homeland was...not to sound cliche...but magical.
I don't want to ramble here so I hope that you will continue to follow my journey over at the main blog as I have literally weeks worth of posts full of photos coming up for you!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October // Week 41

Today is Saturday and so I'm writing up this post early and scheduling it to post Wednesday as I'll be in Disneyland as you read this.
Despite the week only being half way done, it seems that getting closer to our trip away time has just disappeared - it's been a whirlwind. Probably the most important thing to mention is that after 10 weeks in the hospital, my Nana is finally home giving us at least a little piece of mind while we're away.
I had a mini early Birthday celebration yesterday (Friday) with the perfect cake made just for me, have finished packing, re-packing and quadruple checking my packing as well as going for one last play at the beach with my boy until I get back. The shot above was actually taken whilst on our way to the beach, passing the Lifeboat house and we spotted a couple of seals. I think there were 3, maybe 4 and one was gigantic...I'm a little gutted I hadn't thought to bring my bigger lens. Oh well.

I suppose that's it. Until next week, thanks for being here.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October // Week 40

This week was awesome! Thursday, my friend Claire and I (along with Baker obviously) had another adventure in our home town, camera in tow and got a few cool shots that I want to leave that for a post on Underland to Wonderland in the coming weeks, so sorry this is not a sneek peek.
This is Laura. Saturday she made the trip up from Newcastle to visit our new home for the first time. I had such a fab day catching up with her, walking Baker, having lunch and she even met Mam and Dad for the first time who loved her! It's a shame we can't see each other as often as before, or just pop to the Metro Centre in the car for a last minute wander and natter, but it means such alot that she still makes an effort to keep in touch with me.
Her and Claire both got me the sweetest early birthday gifts too that just prove how special of a friend they each are to me when they put so much thought into it. Don't get me wrong, I don't need or want anything from anyone but I appreciate very, very much those that know me that well. If you two are reading this I am glad to have you in my life.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October // Week 39

It's October!!! The best month! My birthday well as Halloween!
I have failed in taking many photos this week though. I have whipped the camera out a couple times in the house but haven't really gotten many great photos otherwise. I did however sit for a while photographing the birds eating in my back garden, though my favorites were portrait - so the one above was actually only taken today.
They are amazing to watch, apart from when there are 10 of them fighting to get a shot of the feed...I don't like to see that.

Another bird I wish I'd photographed this week is one you wouldn't expect to see in the wild around here. There was Cockateil! Can you believe it. I tried so hard to coax it down and catch it so I could at least try and find an owner but to no avail, which still upsets me today knowing that it probably won't last long all alone in the big wide world.

I've a fun filled week coming up so I'll try and remember to bring the camera along :) See you next Wednesday.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

September // Week 38

So as not to sicken you too much of autumnal photos, here's a one of Baker and his Granny (my Mam) exploring instead.
This week is yet another that his just slipped through my fingers. I am losing track of what I'm doing week to week, though I have to admit most of the time lately my weeks consist of the same daily routines of housework, blogging, occasional hospital visits to see my Nana and going out walking with Baker.

However, you know it's only 19 days until we go to Disneyland Paris so there will be a Disney photo to come and break the boring loop of water, leaves and the dog. :P

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

September // Week 37

Autumn is here!!! I dunno what the exclamation points are for because it's not like I am excited for cold weather, rainy days, even more spiders, not being able to hang my washing outside and kids begging at the door on the 31st.

I am however getting excited for Disneyland which is in only 26 days away, possibly doing some DIY Halloween decor just for my own benefit because I don't do parties and getting to take more photos like this.
This was taken on Sunday whilst introducing my Mam to our new walking route and feature in a post of their own coming up on the other blog in the next couple weeks, but until then you can check out  a recent post taking you on an adventure along this route with me...

Other than this, I had a pretty quiet week though I went to a family friends 50th birthday party on Saturday night. The first social event (and first time in a dress and heels) I've been to in three years. It was really nerve wracking and I felt sick the whole day building up to it but it was lovely to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a long time. Claire - the daughter of who the party was for and friend of 20 or so years, also came round for a Harry Potter dvd day on Monday! Perfect. :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September // Week 36

This week has been jam packed! Along with boring, stressful, adult things like sorting out bills blah blah blah, I've also spent time with old friends again, watched lots of Netflix and tried to get caught up on blog posts.
I have loads of awesome posts coming up on Underland to Wonderland so watch out for them.

This is the only photo that we (Jake actually) managed to get during the Goldwing Light Parade on Saturday night.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September // Week 35

Luckily today our phone line and internet finally went live, just in time to post my weekly photo!
Well here it is, our new home...or a sneeky peek at least.
If you remember a post from a couple weeks ago with a 'new' old chair that Jake had bought me, this is actually it. It was more work than I thought but the end result is more than worth it. Look how gorgeous it is! The room it is in is actually what we're calling the 'posh living room' haha and just now only houses my rocking chair and prized unit. In time we will be getting an oxblood chesterfield (hopefully) and a bookcase as this will be used as my reading room.
The living room that we are actually using, the kitchen and bedroom are all done and I've only a couple of bags left to unpack in the spare room.

More posts to come on the main blog. :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August // Week 34

I had alot of photos to choose from this week but decided to keep it mysterious and vague. See this is a snap from a walk we took on Sunday to discover what will become (after Saturday) Baker's new walk route and it's lush!
I'll share the rest of the photos on the other blog in due course.

Other things worth mentioning are:
This is my 400th photo/post on this blog!
Baker turned 2!
I did the Ice Bucket Challenge (like the rest of the world).
And we're packed and ready to roll! 3 days to go!

Catch you next Wednesday!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August // Week 33

Another Wednesday rolls around and another week has disappeared. As it does so,  it's taking summer with it too, however you'd never be able to tell that from this photo of a house sparrow having a midday snack in my parents rockery.
I've been leaving out food most days for the birds and it's been brilliant to watch them feed their young and enjoy the sun while scooping up some seeds.Most people wouldn't know that House Sparrows are actually of red status and their numbers were in decline, especially because they are everywhere here. I have more photos on my Facebook page, including the males feeding the youngsters which was pretty cool to see.

Other than that I've been finishing off sanding down this, which has taking more time than expected but is going to be so worth it! I should have it completely sanded and wiped down today, ready to start staining on Friday! Until next week :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August // Week 32

Yes, I am an old lady in a young lady's body and right now I am very happy!
This week my mind has been preoccupied with hunting down a particular piece of furniture for the new place, as the photos shows that piece of furniture is a rocking chair and I finally got one!!
After seeing one in a charity shop last Friday, Jake went to go buy me it on the Saturday...but it was gone. Then the hunt was on! Chairty shops, antique shops, Facebook wanted/selling pages and someone tipped me off that the charity shop furthest away from where we are living had one! I called this morning and the lady was horribly rude to me, but I accept that they couldn't reserve it, so at 10am (after just coming off night shift and going to bed at 7) Jake got up and we walked the lovely 3.4 miles walk up to see if it was still there.


Just wait until you see what I do to this beauty! There will be a whole post on Underland to Wonderland about it's transformation, don't you worry. And no, I will not be painting it bloody white!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

August // Week 31

First up, get in! Another red status bird under my collar! Say hello to my pair of juvenile Dunlins! From far away I though these guys were Curlew Sandpipers which upon researching are extremely similar but I'm pretty confident that they are actually Dunlins from the length of their beak. Just look how lovely their colouring is! They were rather friendly too and not too afraid of me getting within 5 feet or so to get this snap - Yey!

Secondly, sorry that alot of my recent photos are at the beach or include water...we do live in a very lovely coastal town after all and have been spending alot of time enjoying the summer, and that is when I been using my camera the most. I'm a little disappointing that I haven't been one of the lucky ones to spot the recent passing orca and dolphin pods though as there are apparently some bottle-nose dolphins, white beaked dolphins and killer whales along our coastline!

Lastly, I'm going to be switching up the layout/banner/design of this little space shortly and you may of spotted the URL change already. I want something that can identify this as my 2nd blog, the spin off of Underland to Wonderland as well as my photography page on Facebook Underland to Wonderland Photography (which you can feel free to give a like for a heck of alot more photos! ;P), so keep an eye out for the updates.
I also want to add a quick thank you and welcome to all my recent new followers as you have been joining more recently. I hope you're enjoying my 2014 weekly photo diary! Shall I go back to a project 365 for 2015...or keep up with the weekly posts??? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July // Week 30

Week 30 and we're on full seaside townspeople mode! Jakes new hobby is filling many spare moments when he isn't working (which this past week was 72 hours..!) and it's cool with me because Baker and I can come too. Him and Dad have been down at the river and sea a few times over the last few weeks which is nice for them to get some time away from Mam and I's nagging.
On this fishing trip I got to photograph some birds, that aren't commonly seen up my neck of the woods, as they dived and fed on the mackerel that the men were trying to catch. They we're gannets! I was going to make them this weeks photo but I think this one sums up the weekend better.

We also had a house viewing this week. The first one since moving and actually the we are moving in on the 30th! Just wait until you see it!! It has a bay window <3 haha Until next week go have a peek at the photos from my charity dog walk HERE!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July // Week 29

A more normal week this week with no trips anywhere or doing anything out of the our normal routine, apart from Mam and I completing our 4th annual Race for Life 5k at Newcastle. However, I didn't get any photos this year because I lugged my camera around in my bag for no reason after forgetting the battery. Typical! ha

I've had a couple failed photo opportunities with the rabbits this week because of disrespectful people letting their dogs chase them right as they saw me sat there for ages with a huge camera but we actually saw something we haven't seen before here.
As you can see from above we spotted a female red deer with her fawns (there were two but there's obviously only one in the photo) and I was very excited. I'm a little gutted that even with the lens on 300mm this is the best I could get as they were so far away and I couldn't get any closer for the sake of spooking them. Never mind! Hopefully we'll see them again.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

July // Week 28

Goodness I almost completely forgot it was Wednesday today!
It's not like I'm lacking in photos to post either as like the past 3 weeks of us living back in Berwick I've had the camera out most days.

However one of the biggest events is that a certain little man is now swimming! :D He's always been a fan of the water, paddling and jumping waves and such but hes never took his feet off the bottom. With alot of reassurance and coaxing out with sticks thrown, he's done it! I'm very proud.
We've been at this different end of the beach by the mouth of the river a few times now. Jake and Dad have been fishing, I've been scouring for beach glass and Baker has been swimming.

Other than that I've just been blogging, photographing, taking online surveys to make a few pennies and trying to work out how I can make a proper income without having to leave's impossible. I feel a little useless just now and self esteem isn't at it's highest with bad stressy skin and a weight increase due to bordom eating but I'm working on improving my attitude - everyone has down seasons.

As always make sure to check out the other blog as there are sooo many photography posts going up over there.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July // Week 27

Week 27 out of 52 and only two weeks after moving away we returned to Newcastle.
As Jake now works Monday to Friday, the weekends are our time to spend together. We'd planned on getting the bus out to a nearby small fishing town for fish and chips and ice cream as Mam had offered to look after Baker. However typical British (unpredictable) summertime graced us with a downpour and scarpered our plans.
Not wanting to waste the weekend (and Jakes first pay check from the new job) he booked us a hotel in Whitley Bay and we set of for the bus to Newcastle within 2 hours of waking up. The bus journey was the most horrendous ever. We ended up on the x18 instead of the x15 meaning it took a de-tour through every single tiny coastal town and village, taking 2.5 hours just to get to Alnwick (29mile...would usually take 40minutes) and making me insanely travel sick.
Safe to say we switched buses at Alnwick to shorten the rest of our journey.
That spiel over with I'll save the rest of our visit for the post that will be going up on Underland to Wonderland. The photo above is from our visit to the Toon Times exhibition at the Discovery Museum on the Sunday.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

July // Week 26

Week 26?! We're exactly half way through the year! :O
This Saturday will mark the two week mark of our relocation and not a day has gone past that I haven't taken a photo. The wildlife photography opportunities up here are immense and I can't believe I ever lived somewhere the deprived me of fulfilling my passion.
Along with following my little bunny family (see last weeks photo) I've also been to visit these ladies and babies a couple times, photographing them and realizing their personalities. I have a really cool new series of posts coming up on Underland to Wonderland spotlighting a particular animal species, sharing my photos and compiling facts that people may not know about them.

Other than my photographing adventures I have actually started my first free online course (I have another 3 starting soon too haha) which I thought was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and keep me busy while Jake is at work. I've spent alot of time with Baker obviously and have thoroughly enjoyed the glorious sunshine we've been blessed with.
We're hoping to go buy a hose today so that I can fill up little mans paddling pool too. :)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June // Week 25

Today's photo is the first of many taken out of the city. That's right, the move is over and done with - thank goodness - and in the 4.5 short days that we've been here I've seen more wildlife than I have in over 7 months in Fawdon.
We moved on Saturday and it's just starting to sink in that we don't need to worry about safety due to mental neighbours anymore. Baker is in his element with all the walks, Jake has started work on Monday and seems to be settling in quickly and I'm happy about all the photo opportunities.
These are two of a litter of 5 (of what I have seen) wild rabbits and I've been going to check on them everyday. Mammy bunny isn't around often, infact I've only seen her once and the little guys are so much smaller than the photo makes them seem, so I wish I could of gotten a little rabbit family portrait to show the perspective.

Anyways, I'm off to write up some blog posts for Underland to Wonderland. Lots of photo posts coming your way over there - keep watch!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

June // Week 24

Just a quick post today with a photo from Sunday's sponsored walk.
Pop over HERE to find out what has all been going on lately...apart from packing that is!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

June // Week 23

So some of you might realize that it's Thursday today. Gosh darn it! It totally slipped my mind that I had my weekly photo to post yesterday! I've so much going on in my head getting things sorted for moving that I just totally forgot about it and I'm gutted, I had the photo edited and ready to post and everything.

Anyways, this week has flown (thank goodness!) it's getting to the point now that I only have two shifts left at work and I just can't wait to finish as it means I get to leave this hell hole of a flat quicker. I've already packed up the books, dvds, ornaments and photo frames as well as all my art supplies and board games.

As for the photo, this is from my 'leaving day out' so to speak where the friends I've made over the past couple of years got together and we took a trip into town. We visited the Hancock museum for the Magical Worlds exhibition and went to see 22 Jump Street at the cinema. It was a good day :) You'll see alot more photos from it on Underland to Wonderland tomorrow, so make sure to stop by and check it out!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

June // Week 22

With my parents having been on holiday in Ibiza this past week I think the time feels as if it's been going slower. I'm used to picking up the phone around twice a day for a chat with them and although we've had 3 or 4 webcam chats it's not quite the same.
That with the fact that moving day is creeping closer and that I am dying to get started packing has most certainly made the week drag. Besides work, we've watched quite a few movies, sorted through the DVD and CD collections, caught up on some washing (although it appears as quick as it's done in this house!) and tried to use up some of my baking ingredients as I'm not trailing them with the move and don't want them to be wasted.
Above are chocolate muffins with chocolate butter cream, topped with a square of Galaxy chocolate! Doubt they will last long... haha
Alot of indoor activities due to a wet front with the weather this week. Lets hope next weekend stays dry for our charity event. For more info click here and to sponsor us click here!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May // Week 21

This week has been another fairly busy one. I had a very tiring weekend after long days at work and travelling to my parents house (not arriving until very late) for an appointment the next morning, then returning again that day for work again! I won't be doing that again in a hurry - far too lazy for all of that rushing around!
I also had an interview for a new job, which although I have passed their interview rounds I have been beat to the actual position I wanted by someone else. Oh well, keep trying!
Friday we were meant to go for a meal with family and extended family before they flew out to Ibiza this past weekend the lucky sods! Haha But Jake was ill and I had no appetite so I sat through the meal and just had some chocolate cake as not to be too rude :P
The weekend turned out to be great. I ended up having the whole weekend off and so got alot of housework done while Jake was out skating and then went to my uncles to take some photos of my beautiful cousin. Watch out for more of the set to come on Underland to Wonderland this Friday!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May // Week 20

So today I'm actually at work all day and then travelling up to Berwick during the late evening for an appointment early Thursday! So, I'm very busy. Therefore I'm actually typing this up tonight...or last night to you right now.

Anyways, this week has been eventful and uneventful. It's been awesome weather again, I took some photo of my memory box and it's contents for a post on Underland To Wonderland (going up Friday the 23rd), oh and we handed our notices in at work finally announcing that we are in fact moving. I don't want to tell everyone but I have no fear declaring it here because I know so few people know about this blog that it really doesn't matter!

So yeah. That's that. I'm off to bed and scheduling this to go up tomorrow while I'm at work. Have a great week.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May // Week 19

Another last minute photo taken at the end of the week right as I need a photo. But this time it's not because I didn't take any during the week!
I've taken photos of my homemade chips (fries) and the biscuits I baked for Baker! Jake also tried to help me photograph the fork lightening storm last night...though it didn't quite work out.

Today Jake had a really bad headache and I felt all stuffy. So after a morning stuck in the flat with an unsettled pup we thought we'd head out in search of new (play)lands and enjoy the sun. We discovered some cool new grassy places for Baker to play and even had a game of frizbee while he had a lay down in the shade.

Now it's back home and back to trying to build up some draft posts for Underland to Wonderland. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May // Week 18

That was an overwhelming sound in my ear while I painted fence panels during Friday's visit to my parents house! Baker and I took the train up on Friday morning to spend the night in Berwick seeing as I landed Friday AND Saturday off work! Woohoo! We were super lucky to be greeted by the beaming down sun and had a lovely time.
There are lots more photos from our little mini trip to see HERE.

Jake got new shoes and a new deck finally and Baker has had an unsuccessful trip to the vets to get his nails not cut! Other than that - same old :)

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April // Week 17

Well better late than never I suppose. What a hassle I've had today to try and get a photo for this project!! All week I haven't had the opportunity to get a good photo as I've been trying to get the sunset. I'm usually at work at the time it sets though so I've been taking my camera in the hope I'd catch it. One night I forgot the memory card and another we were a half hour late getting out so I missed it again.
It got to today and I realized I still didn't have a photo so my real life absinthe the caterpillar stepped in.
Everyone knows I don't condone drink, drugs or smoke but I still think it's pretty cool how Jake can make rings with his smoke, plus it's technically water vapor!

Today I got to catch up with my friend Laura and have a mozie around the Metrocentre, last night I had a bad asthma attack at work and made myself ill and the beginning of the week I spent deep cleaning the that's pretty much it.

This time I actually pinky promise a better photo for next week as this weekend Baker and I are going to visit my Mam and Dad :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April // Week 16

So I'm a little disappointed this week. Because, there was actually a grey squirrel in the tree outback of our place!! I'm not disappointed that it was there but as I didn't managed to catch it on camera. Ahh!! Worst wildlife photographer ever.
Anyways when going through my SD card to edit todays photo I found that other than photos of Baker I had only taken two photos of birds. So this is why you've got one of the worst photos of a bird I've ever taken for week 16. It was also taken on the only day this week that had really rubbish weather, foggy and mizzly and I had to walk to work in it.

This week was Easter! And apart from working and being ill it was pretty quiet for us. Baker got some brilliant gifts, his prizes arrived from the Pet Pawtraits competition and we had to buy him a replacement of the best ball ever (that he's had since we got him) because some poohead kids stole it from in front of us at the field!

I'll make more effort for next week!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April // Week 15

This photo makes me very happy indeed. I know Baker doesn't look ecstatic but it's because we asked him to sit still for 2 minutes to get a photo haha! He had such a great day at the beach on Friday, as did we.

I've been working hard to get ahead of the blogging game and build up some draft posts but it seems that they disappear quicker than imagined. Apart from our day out with my Mam it's been a pretty regular week, working and cleaning and blogging.
Although, we did finally get our order put in for our competition win! I'm so excited for it to arrive.

I've nothing else much to say except - yey for the sunshine!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April // Week 14

Everyone is saying how fast the year is going but when I come on to do this every week I realize that it isn't really. It's only week 14 out of 52! Plus I have another 27 weeks until Disneyland!!! Boooo! haha
Although we are another week closer to Easter which is exciting. It's technically Bakers 2nd Easter but we didn't celebrate his first so we've gone all out for this. I have made up a little basket of goodies for him and am excited to see his reaction.
From the photo above you can see I've been getting creative in the kitchen for the Springtime, though it was meant to be a surprise post for my other blog. I suppose it's okay for the few of you that follow both to get a sneeky you can't guess what it is :P!

In other news, we now have two horses(!!!)  living out back of our place on the communal grass. This place just gets curiouser and curiouser by the minute. They look in good health though and have been tended to regularly, the council are aware lets just hope it's a quick fix until they find a more permanent, suitable home.

I am now linking this blog with my other blog's Facebook page too so to be kept updated of new posts if you don't have GFC or Bloglovin' you can just go click 'like' and you'll be in the loop ;)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April // Week 13

After the bombshell that last week ended on, my roller coaster ride of a life took a turn for the up this week.
Not only did I receive countless words of encouragement from friends and bloggers alike, a very good friend brought me a card and flowers which touched me. Thank you Gemma.

I worked hard all week to keep busy and try to forget and after my long Saturday shift finished at 19.45, I got the train straight up to my parents over 60 miles north. After my amazing Mam fed me, I had a bath and went to bed so as to be up early for my photo shoot the next day. This was no regular shoot. Actually one of my favorite to do, a dog shoot and was a prize package for the winners of my 'Prettiest Pup' competition that had been held on my Facebook photography page.

Not only was this a lovely time but I also got to spend Mothers Day with my Mam and Nana which was exactly what I needed after a sad week.

I chose this photo as I feel there is a slight 'shot on film' look to it even though it was only my DSLR. I think it's because the weather was so mizzly and foggy but I think it looks cool anyways. (Especially the tiny flicks of water I caught coming from his paws) There will be a post on my other blog with the rest of the set, however my post with the rest of the photos mentioned last week is now live. You can see them here.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March // Week 12

As weeks go this has by far been the fastest, but probably because time flies when you're having fun I guess. That is a little hard to write now though seeing as my week has come to a standstill with the absolutely devastating loss of Bunny. It's with a very, very, heavy heart that I have to inform you of his passing this morning and he was cremated this afternoon but what has eased the pain ever so slightly is the immense support from so many of my twitter/facebook/blogging family so thank you.

Not to forget the amazing week I've had I want to tell you what I got up.
First up some amazing news is that Baker and I actually won the competition I entered last weeks photo in! We found out yesterday, after a looongg shift at work and I'm over the moon that our effort was recognized.

Before that however another awesome day was Sunday when I got up the guts to go and meet a fellow blogger...I couldn't of picked a sweeter girl! We had such a lovely day, I felt very comfortable in her company and there were no awkward moments. Stateside was an obvious port of call for a bite to eat, alongside a yummy milkshake, after a pop into a couple of shops. Then we had a walk around the stunning Leazes Park, blessed with fantastic sunshine, taking photos. This is one of many that will be on my blog soon!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March // Week 11

A familiar photo for you this week perhaps and my entry to the Pet Pawtraits competition.

Another week has yet again flown past. Did I say that last week? I feel like I always say that but really time does fly past far too fast!!
I've had a change of thoughts this week and a much needed increase in motivation as Jake and I have been discussing much needed things regarding our future. No don't worry, we are not getting married and I've definitely not been silly enough to put any buns in my oven but we have made decisions that will make us so much happier. Obviously it is gonna take time but having the dream in my head is keeping me going :)

Other than that I loved the couple days of sun we had as we got to have fun playing at the field and taking photos like the one above, although I knew it wouldn't last and I've been pretty much blown all the way to work the rest of the week haha.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March // Week 10

Look! The naked tree out back of our house is now in full bloom!! That happened fast but is a very pretty sight from our windows indeed.
This week I've been loving the that the birds are out and about in full force now that it's better weather. There is no better sound to wake up to than them singing and I also managed to get a few cool photos of them eating worms and bathing in the bird bath from our bedroom window.
I've been working hard, blogging harder and dreaming lots about the rest of the year...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March // Week 9

This week has been the most eventful all year! As I said in last weeks post, we were off work Monday-Monday and so decided to have some late birthday celebrations for Jake.
Thursday we took the bus down to Durham and Jake experienced Beamish Open Air Museum for the first time ever. It was an really lovely day spent together and I'm very lucky that my Mam was nice enough to come down to look after the anipals while we were away.
Friday was the proper b-day gift was a tour of St James Stadium on the Friday of which we met up with my Dad for. It was really interesting, despite my asthma attack on the way, and we had a lovely meal courtesy of my Dad :)
After two action packed days we had a lazy weekend ready for heading back to work on Monday!

You may not have realized, but I haven't actually gone back and uploaded a photo for last week. That is because all the photos I took that week got mysteriously deleted from my camera before I even put them on the laptop! (Not mysteriously, I deleted them to make space for Beamish without even thinking)
So here is a bonus photo today!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What Should Be Week 8!

This will be edited to include one of the images Ive taken this week at a (hopefully not too) later date.

If you follow me on twitter you'll of no doubt seen my unhappy moanings about the fact I'm currently laptop-less. My rabbit is like a destructive ninja and has nibbled my charger for the last time.
Anyway, my new one should be here by the 3rd at the latest and I'll be able to import, edit and upload photographs until my heart is content.

This past week has been a busy one at work leading up to our week of which started on Monday.
Seeing as I'm typing this on my phone (my thumbs are clumbsy therefore this is rife with typos) I'll just tell you about this week so far in bulletpoints! Yey for bulletpoints!

- We found out that Bunny had been announced the winner of Barks and Bunnies Valentines day competition! I'll be doing a whole post over on Underland to Wonderland when his box of goodies arrives :D

- Jake's friend came up to stay over and our senior from work joined us. I made spaghetti and meatballs for them while they watched the football.

- And today Mam has arrived. She's staying tonight so she can babysit Baker tomorrow when Jake and I go out to Beamish.

I'll update this asap when my charger arrives.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February // Week 7

The original Beacham boy turned 26 this past Sunday. 26! So I baked him a giant chocolate cupake, with chocolate fudge frosting and Cadburys Flake to top it off. Thankfully it fell on a day that we both happened to be off from work so after a walk to buy dog food and a cheeky McDonalds, we had a lazy day watching NetFlix.

Other than that it's been another non-eventful week! Oh, although I did take Jake to experience his very first Stateside milkshake at the beginning of the week. Next weeks photo will be better - promise.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February // Week 6

In a quest to get more photos of Bunny our house rabbit and try to be more artistic with my camera, the other night this happened. Just playing about with Bunny in the living room and taking some photos got me agitated because of the lighting and his speed I couldnt get anything I liked. Jake suggested some settings, with the flash on 'bulb' and we mucked about with the light from the TV (can you tell Jake was on his usual Fifa. Thats the green..) to get this kind of thing.

Not much to say about this week particularly. Worked the same shift as last week, switched about my living room and done my weekly big clean as well as Baker and I playing football on our daily walks at the park.
It snowed yesterday too (Tuesday) for the first time this winter but thankfully only a centimeter or so lay and was pretty much gone by this morning.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February // Week 5

Like I mentioned I wanted to in my Non-resolutions, Resolutions post on my other blog, I have being making a conscious effort over the past few weeks to spend more time with friends and family. And not just doing things that cost money! My friend Gemma came over the past two Mondays (our days off) and played some monopoly whilst eating junk! It's been great.

I've also been taking more time out with the pets, from an extra ten minutes at the park in the morning to a half hour out, snuggling on the sofa - which Baker in particular is loving! My blog draft list is stacking up thankfully and we got a free trial of Netflix and have been watching soo many things. The only downside is that I've been feeling slightly on the ill side and so have not worked out as much as I'd of liked to...I think I need to look into an iron supplement as I have anemia and the fatigue is becoming unreal.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January // Week 4

'' This weeks photo is my Mam with our lush milkshakes at the Stateside diner in Newcastle. I had a milkbar one and Mam had the chocolate fudge one. YUM!

This week seems a blur looking back on it and I'm not 100% what we actually got up to! On Monday my friend Gemma came around to play some board games and have dinner and then yesterday morning I took Bunny along on the metro to Pets at Home to get his nails cut (so he would hate the vet instead of me haha) and we popped into work so he could visit my boss who loves rabbits.
Oh, I had yet another re-jigg of my design on Underland to Wonderland too if you'd like to have a Disney Collection was published there this morning aswell if you wanna see that!