Sunday, 22 December 2013

December 22nd 2013 - Day 356

''So what should be a cheery post about my first hot chocolate of the year in my Minnie mug, is actually up late and the drink went cold due to Bunny giving us a scare. He sat in his bed, not moving, didn't even snatch his food off me and actually let me pick him up. A total worry just from that until I realized he was being very still, barely breathing and I couldnt find a heartbeat. Jake took him off me and then all of a sudden Bunny jumped out of his arms and cuddled in between us. He's still acting very unlike himself but has thankful hopped across the living room and is eating and drinking fine...I hope he's back to his usual sorts for Xmas day as he has the most presents out of us all!''

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