Monday, 24 June 2013

June 24th 2013 - Day 175.

''Not so much photography today (even though I did photograph my laptop screen to purposely emphasize the pixels) but more of a chance to rant.
27/11/11 I published my first blog post on the current blog, before that I had written TWO other blogs. Since that I have written, researched and photographed for 243 posts all of which take 30mins minimum, sometimes up to hours. I try to help and promote charities and causes that are close to my heart, educate people on the real meaning behind different holidays, change perceptions people have on body modified people, share amazing and cute stories that I think will make another person out there smile as well as share my experiences of day to day life.
That blog means a heck of alot to me and if I hadn't been putting my time and energy into that to do something constructive with my time while unemployed, I dunno how I would be feeling or acting right now.
However, recently I've come across many people who evidently put no, or little effort into it. Have started blogs, evidently stolen ideas and had success from said ideas only because they sell out and spam themselves. It's taken some of the love out of blogging for me seeing so many people start up just to think its an easy way to free stuff, money and invites to parties.
I have never been invited, let alone attended any of these blogger events and have no intentions to. I have not received any free products to be reviewed nor do I make money from 'sponsorship'. I have sold 1 'ad space' total and even that tiny amount will be headed off the the WWF.
I find it mad that people reviewing a silly moisturizer get so many views, free products, followers and friends from something so trivial. I don't even know where this rant is going or if anyone is indeed reading it as I know this blog in particular reaches between only 40-100 people a day, but even this Project 365 has helped me to continue photographing my world, documenting my days, even if everyday is not a fantastic photographic piece of art.''

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